why me

hello this story is about a girl called jess who meets some very big youtubers
these are pewdiepie smosh danisnotonfire nd amazing phil they all fancy her but she must choose one of them who will she pick read to find out.


5. oh no he didn't

i looked at felix with confusion did he just say he fancied me 

''felix ive  got to go '' i shouted running from him but suddenly i knocked into someone 

''hey move it'' i heard someone say when i looked up i saw anthony and ian from smosh

''sorry guys it was an accident'' i said

''wait a minute are you cookie buddy?''anthony asked

''yes i am''i say

''omg we love your videos''they both shouted 

''really '' i asked

''yeh my favorite is the one about different teachers in school''. Anthony shouted

''thx but i hated making that video i was so awful in the video''i replied

''you werent you were great''ian told me

''anthony has a crush on you jess''Ian whispered 

''ok well i got to go and see dan and phil bye''i awkwardly walked away 

 minute later

i was on stage answering questions from my fans when suddenly dan came up to me 

i was confused what was he doing 

''jess i know this weird but i need to tell you i love you ''he said nervously

''will you go out with me?''he asked 

''yes i will dan''i replied

everyone cheered while Felix(pewdiepie) ran out of the room ,anthony clapped and mumbled something and phil smiled but inside was disappointed .

then me and dan held hands and went to the hotel.




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