why me

hello this story is about a girl called jess who meets some very big youtubers
these are pewdiepie smosh danisnotonfire nd amazing phil they all fancy her but she must choose one of them who will she pick read to find out.


2. its him its really him

i woke up with blue eyes staring at me they were like the ocean so blue .then i relied this isnt my room wtf it it was dans room.

''she okay dan '' i heard someone mumble i recognised that voice why the hell was I in dan nd phils flat when I tried to get up I nearly tripped

hi im Phil'' Phil smiled as he helped me back into the bed ''you okay?''

''yes I am phil and I know who you are but why the fuck am I wearing your jacket and in dans room''

just as he was about to reply dan interrupted.

''hey jess did you sleep well I guess you are okay since you were talking to phil ''he shouted from the kitchen phil started  looking  my hair curiously as if he had never seen strawberry blonde hair with blue streaks.








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