am i in love

IM Ashley im 16 years old and I go to school with Justin beiber I love his music and all but he bullies me. what happens when lola and Justin fall in love when Justin bullies her is it right to fall for a bad ass bully


6. trouble lerks

hey guys I don't like the name lola so im changing it to Ashley

Ashley's p.o.v

I rang the door bell and saw justin not just justin but a shirtless justin I looked away I didn't want to see those abs '' don't resist to look babe '' he said flirtily '' I know you want to look'' I looked at him with disgust and groaned . I came inside and with the courner of my eye I can see him checking out my ass . I turned around ''what are you doing?'' I asked worried '' I uhmmm '' he was speechless the look on his face was hilarious he was blushing un controllably I bit my lip to stop me from laughing but accidently giggled ''ohh you think that's funny wait and see what surprise I have for u tonight '' he whispered seductively in my ear . my eyes widened so much I taught it was going to burst it reminded me of my ex boyfriend Jacob. tears were forming in my eyes Justin stared worriedly at me ''Im so sorry I didn't mean to scare you '' he said regretting what he told me ''its okay , it just reminded me of something in the past'' . I didn't want to tell him cause then he will get more worried only charlotte knows how Jacob raped me in my sleep . I was confused how was he so worried about me when he was so mean to me just yesterday . we both went to sleep . justin insisted I get a bed but I felt bad ''justin'' I whispered ''ya ashley'' he whispered back '' would you like to sleep on the bed with me'' I asked worried for him '' aww little ash wants me to have sex with her'' he mocked . I huffed '' forget it !'' I shouted a bit once justins a jerk he will always be a jerk ''no im sorry I was just messing I know you feel bad for me ill sleep in the bed with you'' I smiled . he crawled under the bed and fell asleep his body accidently touched mine I felt and electric shot burst in my body I gasped and fell of the bed and on the floor '' are you okay Ashley'' he almost shouted '' ya im fine just ... lost my balance'' he nodded and helped me up . I fell asleep

                                        ASHLEY'S DREAM

I was running away from a figure until I hit a dead end everything went dark and I heard voices

   you r stupid

   you are ugly

  youre a mistake go die you whore

  you were never supposed to be born

  you slut

 '' Ashley , Ashley , Ashley '' the last Ashley was a scream

''huhh what'' in realized it was justin

'' you were crying in youre sleep are you okay'' I sighed i think its time someone knew my story ''2 years ago i dated a guy named Jacob i loved him and he loved me . we were so happy until one day he starded drinking and cheating on me . i was devastated he kept beating me and raping me in my sleep . that's why when you said wait and see what surprise i have for you tonight reminded me of Jacob i kept having the same dreams when a figure is following me and a voice is whispering mean stuff about me but i honestly think its true'' i started crying ''what was the voice telling you '' he asked feeling upset '' im stupid , im ugly , im a mistake and should die , im a slut , and i was never supposed to be born'' tears were commimg down my eyes '' does words aren't true . Ashley your beautiful , amazing , smart , and you are the greatest gift to the world '' that made me feel a lot better ''thank you justin '' he took my hand '' Ashley i am here for you i always would be'' me and justin went back to sleep he had me in his arms for some reason i felt safe and when i fell asleep tat dream didn't come back his words were still swirming around im my brain

Ashley i am here for you i always would be

hey guys that was the longest chapter ive ever written plzzz remember to read , like and become a fan it would mean so much

see yo later alligaters .ohh and sorry for changing lola to Ashley i didn't like the name lola and i liked Ashley better .

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