am i in love

IM Ashley im 16 years old and I go to school with Justin beiber I love his music and all but he bullies me. what happens when lola and Justin fall in love when Justin bullies her is it right to fall for a bad ass bully


1. new kid named justin beiber

lola's pov

I woke up in the morning and groned .ugghhhh its Monday that means school .I get bullied a lot in school and it makes me hate it at least I have a friend her name is charlotte she has beautiful blue eyes and long black hair shes the bestest friend in the world but it  hurts me that she has to fell what ive suffered.HUMILIATION. it kills me getting bullied. I looked at my alarm clock 6:00.

''holy shit'' I yelled I got dressed fast and practically ran out of the house '' whats the rush loser'' Jessica sneered . that little idiot '' ya and dressed like that please even monkeys laugh at you'' merinda insulted. '' really then youre monkeys not cause you laugh at me cause youre quite .. no.. really hairy'' I insulted back . I finally arrived at school . everyone was so excited about the new kid everyone except for me cause hes probably going to be some bad ass jerk. I got my books and walked to bio. '' Attention class'',miss finnocks said '' theres going to be a new kid ,class meet Justin beiber . hold for a sec JUSTIN FUCKING BEIEBER IS OUR NEW KID. I started fan girling inside my head . ''Justin , please sit next to lola'' said miss finnocks . everyone gave me disgusted looks even JUSTIN HE HATES ME ALREADY I HAVENT DONE ANYTHING . he sat next to me and kept frowning '' okay class were doing an assignment where we will see how teenage boys and girls get along in the same house . okay that seems a little sexual '' ill just say youre partners

and you can start living tomorrow for a whole week [skip names]

''Justin and Lola'' the whole class glared even Jessica and merinda ohhh snap

new movella woohoo make sure to read . see yo later alligater


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