am i in love

IM Ashley im 16 years old and I go to school with Justin beiber I love his music and all but he bullies me. what happens when lola and Justin fall in love when Justin bullies her is it right to fall for a bad ass bully


12. Life is fun with you

 2  years later 

Its been two years that me and Justin were together . Charlotte and Niall are well are a family they got 2 girls and one boy there names are Cloe , Hope, and Jason and me and Justin are also ........A FAMILy we got married a year ago and had a daughter Destiny . I was doing the dishes when there was a knock on the door "Justin , honey could you get that " " sure babe" he kissed me and went to open the door Niall and Charlotte were behind the door " hey man " I heard Justin say coolike and from the corner of my eye I can see them bro hugging I chuckled . I turned around and saw Charlotte smiling " hey" I said " I missed you " she said sadly I laughed " it's only been a week " I said still laughing  " so how's that handsome prince " she groaned " still being bullied" I was shocked " again , can't these people give him a mother fucking break " charlotte's eyes went wide " mommy" I turned around and saw Destiny with a confused look " why did you just saw a bad word .

Uh oh poorAshley , anyway remember to like favorite and become a fan 

see yo later alligators <<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>


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