am i in love

IM Ashley im 16 years old and I go to school with Justin beiber I love his music and all but he bullies me. what happens when lola and Justin fall in love when Justin bullies her is it right to fall for a bad ass bully


7. harry , louis, zayn ,and liam

Niall's p. o. v

I woke up smiling remembering that charlotte is here when I touched her I felt an explosion of butterflies. there was a burst in my bedroom door and charlotte ran in ''what's wrong'' I asked worried ''there strangers in the house'' she said shocked touching her heart ''WHAT'' I yelled ''four boys just burst in the house when they saw me the stared at me confused then shrugged ,they jumped on the couch and started watching tv'' she said with a confused mixed with scared tone . that sounds awfully familiar I ran to the living room and saw that the four boys were my four boys ''charlotte these are just my mates'' I said smiling at her she blused embarrassed from what happened '' im harry'' ''liam ''Louis the sass masta ''she laughed at what Louis said ''Zayn bad boy'' they all introduced ''im charlotte'' she said shyly , I held her hand , all the boys stared then whistled charlotte looked at our hands and blushed so much her face became a tomato she looked away so no one could see I lifted her head ''don't hide that amazing face from me'' Louis whistled , harry winked at me, zayn gave a thumbs up, and liam smiled and nodded .

charlotte's p. o. v

when niall lifted my head I felt fireworks bursting in my body those words made me feel happy I wanted to kiss him right there right now  he looked like he wanted too , but the way the boys reacted with us holding hands who knows how there gonna react to us kissing . we all sat on the couch the boys were asking me questions about myself but Louis asked me something that made me wide-eyed and blushing uncontrollably '' so when are you two having sex '' Louis asked pointing at me and niall the boys jumped on him holding his mouth me and niall stared at each other I ran to my ''room'' and niall ran after me ''I am so sorry about Louis he's always crazy as fuck''niall said coming inside ''its okay I had an older brother he was a lot like Louis but he's gone'' I said a tear trickled down my face '' im so sorry'' he said getting upset too . Louis came inside ''charlotte im so sorry about what I said im always so crazy I lose self control I hope you can forgive me '' he said looking at me ''its okay lou , sometimes im kinda crazy but without craziness life would be boring'' Niall smiled at me . '' does that mean we can be friends'' Louis said hopefully

''yes lou we can be friends'' . me , niall , and Louis did a group hug

hey guys so today im not feeling well so I had to do one long chapter sorry:(

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