am i in love

IM Ashley im 16 years old and I go to school with Justin beiber I love his music and all but he bullies me. what happens when lola and Justin fall in love when Justin bullies her is it right to fall for a bad ass bully


4. getting to know you

charlotte's p.o.v

I packed my stuff and made my way to Niall's house . I rang the door bell and within 10 seconds the door opened and I saw the blonde irish leprechaun '' hello charlotte'' he said with a smile ''hey niall'' I said unaware of how he can be so polite around me . I gotta say I like the polite niall . ''come inside'' he said taking my luggage ''we have a guest room you can stay in ''.he showed me to a bright blue room with a walk - in closet  and a blue bed ''wow its so blue'' I said looking around ''what you don't like blue'' he said frowing a bit ''no its just blue is my favorite colour'' he smiled '' really me too, that's finally one thing we have in common '' he said looking up '' well that might not be the only thing we have in common '' he looked at me for a second ''favorite band '' he said a little fast ''The Beatles'' we said at the same time and blushed ''wow were actually getting a long'' he said staring into my eyes '' ya, I guess we are'' I replied looking down and brusing the hair behind my ear I also blushed so he wont see me . he put hi thumb and fore finger on my chin gently lifting my head up to look into his eyes '' and I enjoy that'' he said softly ''me too'' I said staring into his eyes . he stroked the hair behind my ear and I immidiently felt butterflies . he went over to help me unpack . I think im falling for niall the way his gorgeous eyes sparkle when he stares at mine .

hey guys sorry I haven't updated im in love with zayns sister im thinking about finishing this one then continueing the other love u all

see yo later alligaters 




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