am i in love

IM Ashley im 16 years old and I go to school with Justin beiber I love his music and all but he bullies me. what happens when lola and Justin fall in love when Justin bullies her is it right to fall for a bad ass bully


3. first day of project

Justin's p.o.v

today is my first day with this lola chick. honestly she's beautiful . the way her brown hair shines in the light of the classroom dazzled me , but it seems like the whole class hated her I didn't understand why but I wanted to be popular after ive left Canada cause everyone hated me there cause I was in jail. I felt really guilty I wanted to be with lola I stared at her pretending I was glaring . until I heard my name with hers I was mad outside but happy inside . maybe when were living together we will get to know eachother ;) .

lola's p.o.v

its so nice that I wont be living alone my mom is in the hospital cause she has breast cancer and my dad died in war . charlotte helped me pack ''are you excited she asked me '' not really'' I replied looking down ''why, ohh is that Justin kid mean to '' she said raising her voice'' I swear he lays a finger on you and I will make him bleed so much it will be a remake of saw''

''its okay charlotte, ill be fine'' I assured her '' you better be'' she warned . ohh charlotte shes been really overprotective '' bye lola ,have fun , not to much fun'' she warned pointing at me and raised an eyebrow ''bye charlotte ''. and with that I made my way to Justin's house

boom!!! mind explosion!!! whats gonna happen with charlotte and lola read more to find out

see yo later alligaters

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