Peter Pan Isn't Real

Peter Pan (noun) 1. the hero of Sir James M. Barrie’s play about a boy who never grew up. 2. the play itself (1904). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ He is real. I know it. I believe he is. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Brittany Nicole “Mellinger” Styles was Harry Styles’s younger sister. She was 19, yes, a year and one day apart from Harry. But she was, as some wold say, the girl version of Louis Tomlinson. Which also means she had child-like faith. Meaning, she believed in almost everything. Even fairies, islands on stars, magical creates, etc. But most importantly, she believed in love. She loved the boy who came to her window one night and took her to an island on a star. She loved that island on the star. She loved the lost boys. She loved fairies. She loved absolutely everything. But sometimes, if you love something, you have to set it free. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


1. Coming Soon

March 29th 2014

"Guys, if you don't stop my obsession with Peter Pan now...just wait until summer."

"Why?" Brittany's older brother's best friend asked

"Because every night I'll stay up, looking for him. Wanting to escape this place for a little while, and go to Neverland. I'll be convinced that Louis is Peter Pan. I'll cry over him. And I'll probably start to hate my best friend." Britt answered

June 14th 2014

"Britt, love. You have to go to bed now." Harry reminded his sister

"But...Peter..."Britt whispered

"Baby...." Harry sighed. He sat on the edge on my bed. "This is the hardest thing I've ever had to tell you, but babe....Peter Pan....Two things. One, Louis isn't Peter Pan. In fact, two, Peter Pan isn't real."

"YES HE IS HAROLD!" she screamed "I've seen him before. He was at my window last night. Why isn't he back?"

"Love, if anyone was at your window, they'd fall and break their neck."

"But Peter Pan didn't. He can fly!"

He sighed as he looked away. He was supposed to be a supportive older brother. He had to support her, protect her, teach her.... He wanted to let her continue to believe in Peter Pan, but she was 19 years old. She should be over this by now.

Harry sighed again. He looked back at his younger sister. "I love you."

"I love chu too, Hazzy." she agreed

"Please forgive me. But.... Peter Pan isn't real. Louis wasn't there last night. It was probably just a dream."

A tear rolled down Britt's cheek. Harry's heart broke and he gave in. He wrapped his arms around his sister and whispered in her ear, "Go to sleep. I'll stay here. We'll wait for him."

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