im in love with zayns sister!!!

Hi I'm Alexandra you can call me Alex or ally have a brother his name is zayn


2. meeting the boys

Zayn's pov

i missed my sis so much. She looks a lot like me black hair , dark chocolate eyes, and perfectly tanned skin i always tell her shes beautiful but she denys it . ''Alex these are my mates,mates this is my sister , we have harry-curly niall-blondie-louis-mr chatty liam-mature ''hi'' she said waving '' hello love'' harry said , she smiled . '' So Alex tell us a bit about yourself '' liam asked ''well I'm Alex malik I like sports'' ''what kind of sports?" Niall asked '' umm football, swimming,art, music,but I especially enjoy horse riding back in england I had a horse named majesty'' ''cool, I always wanted a pony!" Louis yelled, we all laughed ohh Louis.

Harry's pov

shes so pretty when she talks her voice is so soothing .Harry snap out of it. Zayn will kill you and she probebly has a boyfriend any girl that beautiful should have someone to love ''are you single'' i blurted out. Zayn glared at me and the boys just stared ''umm no not really'' she answered a little creeped out . Ohh great asshole now she thinks im a man whore Fuck my life

Mind blown!!!!!!!!

Hey guys i decided to make 2 chapters everyday so plzz remember to watch, comment and favrite my movella it would mean so much to me

see yo later alligater


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