Jena Sanderson. Seems like your average, happy teenage girl. well, she isn't. she couldn't be any sadder. Every time she goes to school, the people she once called her best friends bully her. the worst part? she doesn't even know why. but what happens when the truth starts to unveil and the past comes back to her? "will old love spark again, or is it just too good to be true?


2. chapter two.

Jena's POV

when i wake up the sky is dark. i have a throbbing pain in my side and i feel like i might be sick. i somehow manage to sit up. god knows how long ive been here.

i check the time on my phone and see the screens cracked. Thanks Louis. its 0:57. Dean will be so angry.

i don't live with my mum or dad since they obviously couldn't be bothered to care about me so i moved in with my Cousin. He's a decent guy when he's sober.

I notice the flashing icon at the top of the screen and see that i have a text. i click on it and its from Harry. i expected them to change their numbers, but i kept the ones i had anyway. as much as i hate them, i still wish we were friends again.

" stupid little slut "

Harry never used to be like that. i was probably closest to him out of everyone else. i still remember everyday we'd spent together and how much fun we had.

there was a time i liked Harry -in that kind of way- but that feeling faded when we stopped being friends and they all started being dicks.

i somehow stand up and start walking home. the pain in my side isn't that strong and i can walk without that much pain if i go slowly.

i get quite far until i feel a stabbing pain in my side, causing me to double over on the side of the street. another surge of pain shoots through me and i scream out in pain.


Zayn's POV.

I'm walking back from Niall's place with Liam since our flats are across from each others. He is saying how he's going to try out for X-Factor when we finishes school. as i drown out what hes saying i hear a high pitched scream.

"did you hear that?" Liam asks me.

"i think it came from over there" i say, pointing towards a street a few metres away.

we quickly sprint towards the sound of the scream and see a small figure lying on the ground. the figure screams once again and we go see if they're okay.

"shit, Jena is that you?" Liam says., kneeling down beside her. "Zayn, call an ambulance or something"

"why? i don't want to help that little bitch" i say.

"we cant just leave her, once you call the ambulance we can leave." he says.

"fine" i groan, then take out my phone to call them.

i dial 999 on my iphone and request an ambulance. i tell them the situation and they say they'll be here in less than 15 minutes.

"right, can we go now" i say, putting my phone away.

"yeah, don't tell the others about this, they'll go ape" he says

we walk away from her and a couple of minutes later we hear the faint sound of an ambulances siren.

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