Jena Sanderson. Seems like your average, happy teenage girl. well, she isn't. she couldn't be any sadder. Every time she goes to school, the people she once called her best friends bully her. the worst part? she doesn't even know why. but what happens when the truth starts to unveil and the past comes back to her? "will old love spark again, or is it just too good to be true?


13. chapter twelve.

Niall's POV.

"I love you" i whisper.

now, i know what youre thinking. 'omg Niall loves Jena!' no. i was over the moon when all this stuff with hating her finished. not because i love her, but because she was one of my best friends. i never pictured us as more than that.

a couple of minutes later and i fall asleep. it doesn't last long though because Jena's restless movements wake me. i look down at  her with sleepy eyes and see her covered with sweat, with a small tear running down from her eye. i shake her shoulder trying to wake her.

she jolts up, panic in her eyes.

"where am i?" she whispers.

"Jen, its okay, you're safe." i whisper.

she looks at me and pauses for a moment, then throws her arms around me.

"it was awful, they were there and i was so scared. i didn't know what they were going to do, Niall." she cries into my shoulder.

i wrap my arms around her and tell her it'll be okay, that they cant touch her. we stay like that for a while, she stops crying and we're just holding each other.


Louis' POV

Mum called me earlier telling me something bad had happened so i had to leave Jena. when i got home i wasn't expecting what mum told me.

"Dean's been arrested." she had said. "he got drunk and got into a fight. the other man almost died."

Mum had told me a few hours ago to look after the others whilst she tries to sort it out. I'd much rather be with Jena, making sure she's okay. i just hope she hasn't seen the texts from the others. it'd break her. i just don't get how they can still hate her.

i decide im not going to just sit here and wait, I'm going to speak to Liam, Zayn and Harry about Jena.

"Lottie! I'm going out! Look after the girls, I'll be back later!" i yell to her.

i grab my jacket then walk out the door. i walk to Liam and Zayns street. i can deal with them at the same time.

i knock on Zayn's from door and a minute later he answers it.

"hey mate, we were just talking about you. come on in." he says.

"we?" i ask as i step into his house.

we walk into the seating area and i see Liam and Harry playing fifa on the flat screen.

"so whats the plan with Jena?" Zayn asks, taking a sip of the beer he had in his hand.

"plan? what are you on about?" i ask confused.

"yeah, that's why you're pretending to be her friend aren't you? to really hurt her?" he says.

"no! i'm not pretending to be her friend, and i'm not going to hurt her!" i yell.

"after everything she did, you're just going to forgive her?" Liam joins in.

"she's the one who should be forgiving us! we put her through so much shit, because of what? we thought she sent us some texts? its pathetic, and im done with it. if you have any sense so will you guys be." i yell.

i storm out of Zayn's house, slamming the door behind me. I'm sick of them. i know i did some of that stuff to her as well, but i'm moving past it, leaving it all behind. why cant they do it too?

i keep walking, not caring where i'm going. after a while i realize im downtown. there's blaring music and i notice there's a lot of bars. i walk into one and order a drink.

after an hour i'm totally drunk. i walk over to a girl dancing and start dancing with her. she looks really familiar but i cant place a name. after a while she asks me back to her place and i agree.

we get to her place and we instantly go to her bedroom. i place her down on the bed and roughly kiss her. she unbuttons my shirt and pulls the off, not breaking the kiss. i lift her slightly and unzip the back of her slim black dress. i pull it off her so shes in only her underwear.

i kiss along her jawline, then start nipping at her neck. she moans in pleasure. she unzips my jeans and pulls then down. she pulls my boxers off and i unfasten her bra. i slowly pull her knickers down, then take them off completely.

(^i don't really write proper smut so I'm leaving you with this^)

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