Jena Sanderson. Seems like your average, happy teenage girl. well, she isn't. she couldn't be any sadder. Every time she goes to school, the people she once called her best friends bully her. the worst part? she doesn't even know why. but what happens when the truth starts to unveil and the past comes back to her? "will old love spark again, or is it just too good to be true?


3. chapter three.

Jena's POV

i wake up in a room where the walls are all white. I'm lying in a really uncomfortable bed with light blue sheets pulled up to my chest. i notice there's a needle placed in my left arm.

it takes me a minute to realize I'm in a hospital room. what the hell happened? i think. and then it hits me. Niall and Louis. the park. Dean. have they told him I'm here?

i try and sit up on the bed but a nurse comes in the room and stops me.

"oh no, you should be resting, lie back down, sweetie" she says sweetly.

"you're very lucky that someone called us, you could have been paralyzed if we hadn't done something" she says, fixing the sheets on the bed.

"who called you?" i ask.

"oh, he didn't give us a name but he did said you two knew each other well."

"where is he?" i want to know who he is.

"he wasn't there when we found you" she says.

that makes this so much harder. i basically have no friends - i say basically because most of my 'friends' are people ive spoken to on the internet, so they don't really count as real friends.

i try and think of who the person could be. i rule out all the boys since well, its them, they hate my guts. i rule out the boys in my various classes because i don't speak to them.

as im thinking of people it could be, Dean walks through the door.

"Dean!" i say happily.

he sits down on the white chair that's been placed next to the bed.

"it was only a matter of time those bastards put you in here" he says angrily.

he knows all about the guys bullying me. He's spoken to their parents -which i was against- and told them what they were doing. Him and Louis's mum, Johanna, are really close.

"its fine, look," i say, gesturing to myself "im alive"

"That's not the point Jen! Look at you!" he yells.

a nurse walks through the door and says that Dean has to leave. before he does though, he looks at me and says "I'm just worried about you Jen"

the nurse writes some things down on a clipboard and then messed with the machines behind the bed.

"Your friend cares about you a lot" she says.

"he's actually my cousin, but he's not normally like that" i say.

"youre lucky to have someone who cares for you, even if only sometimes" she says.

her pager goes off and she tells me she'll be checking up on me every few hours.

i realize that im incredibly tired so i quickly fall asleep on the uncomfortable bed.

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