Jena Sanderson. Seems like your average, happy teenage girl. well, she isn't. she couldn't be any sadder. Every time she goes to school, the people she once called her best friends bully her. the worst part? she doesn't even know why. but what happens when the truth starts to unveil and the past comes back to her? "will old love spark again, or is it just too good to be true?


1. chapter one.

Jena's POV

Another day. how i wish high school would just finish so i wont have to deal with them anymore.

i check myself in the mirror one more time before i leave for school. i live about a mile away from the school but i prefer walking.

i get to the school 30 minutes later just as the bell goes. i quickly walk towards my locker, put my bag in, and take out my chemistry books. i'm about to close my locker when someone rudely slams it shut. i turn around and see one of the boy who's bullied me since the start of high school. i try walk around him but he abruptly sticks his arm in front of me, preventing me from walking to class.

"you really have to stop avoiding us" Harry says.

"don't you have some girl to be chatting up?" i say, then turn the opposite direction.

"you cant run forever!" he yells.

As I'm walking towards the science block i walk into someone and drop my books.

"shit, I'm sorry" they say.

i pick up my books then look at the person. of course, it has to be Zayn Malik.

"wasn't expecting to see you here" he says smirking.

"get lost" i say, walking past him.

he grabs my arms and turns me to face him.

"just because we're in school, doesn't mean i cant give you what you deserve." he whispers in my ear.

he lets go of my arm and pushes me so i fall to the floor.

"dick" i mumble to myself as I'm getting up.

i decide I'm not going to Chemistry and put my books back in my locker. i leave the school through the cafeteria exit -because its always empty- and head towards the park near the school. i never see anyone at this park and get the feeling that only myself, Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam and Louis know about it.

Louis showed us this place a few years ago, before they started bullying me. i walk towards the swing set, then realise there's already someone there. someone i really don't want to see. i turn around and head for the other side of the park, but before i can Niall's already walking over to me.

"if it isn't my favourite little slut," he says "Didn't picture you as the one to miss class"

"well, i didn't picture you as the dick you are today, but hey, that's life" i say, and immediately regret it.

Niall punches me in the jaw and stomach, then pushes me over so i'm on the ground.

"god knows why i was ever mates with a bitch like you" he says, kicking me in the stomach.

He walks over to the swings, grabs his bag, then walks away. i don't even try to getup, i just lie here, trying my best not to cry. I'm positive I'm going to have some bruises tomorrow.


Niall's POV

I kinda feel bad about what we do to Jena but she deserved it. We used to be best friends and then she turned on us.

i was walking back to school when i saw Liam and Harry by the front gate.

"didn't you guys now you were meant to be in class?" i say to them, obviously taking the piss.

"couldn't be bothered with biology" Harry says, typing away at keys on his phone.

"well, guess who i just saw" i say to them.

"who?" Liam asks.

"Jena Sanderson" i say smirking.

"please say you let her have it" Harry says looking up from his phone.

"yup, lying over in the park"

we stood there speaking until the bell ending 1st period went off. we all said bye and headed to our lockers. i saw Louis standing next to his locker and went over to him. I tell him what happened with Jena at the park and he leaves quickly. As much as i hate Jena, Louis hates her a lot more. i really hope he doesn't do anything too serious.


Jena's POV

It's been about an hour and i still haven't left the park. i think Niall broke a rib because every time i try to move it hurts like hell.

I here footsteps behind me and know its one of the guys. Niall must have told them I was here. i don't bother to turn around, i just keep letting the tears fall. the whole not crying thing didn't last very long.

"you always were pathetic" i now know that its Louis.

When i don't say anything, he kicks me in the back. i scream out in pain and more tears come.

"you're a pathetic, fucking slut" he says quietly, then kicks me again.

i don't know how many times he kicks me but after the third one i black out.

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