Jena Sanderson. Seems like your average, happy teenage girl. well, she isn't. she couldn't be any sadder. Every time she goes to school, the people she once called her best friends bully her. the worst part? she doesn't even know why. but what happens when the truth starts to unveil and the past comes back to her? "will old love spark again, or is it just too good to be true?


4. chapter four.

Jena's POV

A week. that's how long i had to stay in that stupid hospital. it was awful. the only good thing was the nurse coming back and talking to me. i found out her name was Lola. she was so friendly.

I'm back at home right now, but Deans gone out, i think he said he was going to Johanna's house. i really hope Louis isn't there because Dean would make this situation even worse by talking to him.

in this week the boys all text me.

'Keep your mouth shut' - Louis.

'tell anyone what Louis did and your dead' - Harry.

'hope youre having fun in hospital' - Zayn.

'thank god we wont see your ugly face at school for a while' - Liam

'finally, maybe you'll go into a coma and die' - Niall.

none of them affected me that much though. they've done and said a lot worse.

i hear my phone go off and sluggishly move across my bedroom to get it. i pick it up, unlock my phone, then click on the text icon.

'gettin your cousin on us? your so fucking dead' - Louis.

i groan and hit my head softly against the wall repeatedly. why. is. dean. so. fucking. stupid.

luckily i don't have to leave this house for about another week, so if i stay inside they wont harm me. physically.

i decide i should probably have a shower since i only showered twice at the hospital. disgusting.

i grabbed a pair of matching underwear and went towards my bathroom. i have a bathroom connected to my room so only i use it, and Dean uses the one that's downstairs.

i turn on the shower, remove my clothes, and step in. the hot water burns my skin but soon i get used to it. i thoroughly go through my hair, getting rid of any dirt and tugs. i wash all the dirt from my body as well. i shave what needs to be shaved then turn the shower off.

i step out and wrap a towel around my hair. i grab another one and use it to dry my body. i slip on my underwear then walk back into my room.

i stare at the girl in the full length mirror. cuts cover her wrists, legs and stomach. the prominent ribs sticking out. the burn marks on her forearms. purple and yellow bruises all over.

this is not the girl i want to see every time i look in the mirror. but this was the girl i was faced with almost every day. and its their fault.

i small tear escapes my eye and runs down my cheek, splashing as it hits the ground. i wipe it from my cheek and pick out something to wear. i decide on a black jumper 3 sizes bigger than me with a white zebra drawing on it, and black leggings.

i make my way down the stairs on pick out a Disney movie from the DVD pile. i choose one of the Tinkerbell films and put it in the DVD player. before i start the film i go into the small kitchen and put the frozen macaroni that Dean made in the oven. I'm not going to eat it but if i cook it, Dean might think i ate some of it.

i grab a blanket from the closet in the hallway and go back to the sofa. i start the DVD and get comfortable. its only have way through the film that i start feeling tired and fall asleep.

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