Jena Sanderson. Seems like your average, happy teenage girl. well, she isn't. she couldn't be any sadder. Every time she goes to school, the people she once called her best friends bully her. the worst part? she doesn't even know why. but what happens when the truth starts to unveil and the past comes back to her? "will old love spark again, or is it just too good to be true?


12. Chapter elevan.

Jena's POV.

Harry? what the hell is he doing here?

"What the fuck is going on here?!" he yells.

"I can explain." Louis says, walking over to him.

"so you leave me alone with Kylie so you can fuck this slut?!" Harry gives me a disgusted look at the 'slut' part.

"are you still gonna be a dick about this?" Louis yells back at him.

"a dick about what! Don't you see she's lying!"

before Louis can say anything i cut in.

"why are you here, Harry? what do you want?"

"well if you must know i needed to talk to you." he says.

"about what?" i ask.

"Something that clearly doesn't matter anymore now that you've made your choice." he says, then walks back out the room.

"Harry!" i call after him.

"leave him." Louis says.

i ignore him and go after him. i see him at the end of the corridor and jog up to him. i grab his arm and turn him to face me.

"what do you want?" he asks agitated.

"what did you want to say to me?" i ask.

"it doesn't matter." he says.

"tell me." i say.

"you chose him." he mumbles.


"look, i came here to apologize. i knew you were gonna be here so i skipped classes. i didn't expect Louis to be here. certainly not you two snogging. i heard about how you never said that stuff. how it was all Leanne. i was thinking maybe we could, y'know, go out or something. cause i heard that before this shit went down you had a thing for me. thinking about it, i might have had a small thing for you too."

wait . . .

whats he saying? that he now likes me? not 5 minutes after he tells me I'm a slut.

"why were you just so mean to me if you have a thing for me?" i ask.

"i got angry, i want you to be mine. not his." he says.

"calling girls sluts isn't exactly the way to get them to like you Harry!" i spit at him.

Harry grabs my waist pulling me towards him. he presses his lips against mine. i swat my hands at his chest, trying to get him off me, but he doesn't budge.

i slam my foot hard down on his and he finally gets off me.

he grabs my arm tightly and whispers in my ear, "play nice, it wont end well if you don't."

he lets go and walks away. but before he's gone, he turns around and yells "I'll be back tomorrow, babe."

"Drop Dead!" i yell back.

i can hear him laugh as he leaves. i head back to my room. when i get there Louis is gone. a note sitting on the bedside table catches my eye. i go over and pick it up.

had to go. emergency at home. left my phone. call mum if you need something.

- Louis x

i put the note down and pic his phone up. i press the unlock button at the top and slide across the screen. and of course its locked.

i pick the note back up and turn it over, checking to see if he wrote down the pass code. there's nothing.

i try 1234, 4321, and 9876. i don't want to get locked out so i keep thinking.

his phone makes a bleep noise and i check the screen for what it is. its a text from Niall. i can only see the first part of it since the phones locked, but its says

'its L, pass is birthd . . . '

Birthday? i go to the pass code screen and type in 2412. it unlocks and i smile to my self. i would have thought he'd come up with something a little harder to guess.

i go onto his games and play Flappy Bird. i had this game on my phone before it got burned. my high score was 103, which i'm really proud of. i see Louis' high score is 7 and laugh.

i keep playing the game, trying to beat my high score, when a text pops up on the screen. i cant see the text but its from Zayn. i click on the text pop-up and read it.

'wats da deal wif bein m8s wif jen. da grls mnky. wat r u planin 2 do2 her.' (whats the deal with being mates with Jena. the girls minky. what are you planning to do to her."

so he was lying? he still hates me? tears form in my eyes and fall down my cheeks. i text him back saying 'go fuck yourself. i thought things had changed - Jena'

seeing this, i go onto the other texts he's had with the guys.

'gld dis shit wif Jen cleard up. mssd her.' - Niall. (glad this shit with Jena is cleared up. missed her.)

this makes me smile through the tears.

'wat u planin 4 jen. bitch wnt c wats cumin' - Liam. (what you planning for Jena. bitch wont see whats coming.)

this clears the smile off my face. so only Louis, Niall and possibly Harry like me? what if Louis' lying too? what if only Niall likes me? maybe they've got this big plan to just pretend to be my friend then they're going to do something awful?

i call Nialls number. i only have to wait 3 rings for him to answer.

"hello?" he asks.

"Niall?" i ask crying.

"Jen? are you crying?"

"can you please come back?" i cry.

"yeah sure, give me 5 minutes." he says, then hangs up.

i put Louis' phone down on the bedside table then curl up at the top part of the bed. i pull the blanket up so it almost covers all of me. i silently weep waiting for Niall to show up.

when i finally hear the door open i leap out of the bed and run over to Niall. i engulf him in a tight hug, which he accepts and hugs back.

"they all hate me." i mumble into his chest.

"I'm sure they don't" he says, smoothing my hair.

"they do, there's texts proving it on Louis' phone."

"I'm sorry babe"

"why do they hate me though? i didn't do anything wrong!" i cry into his chest.

"they're just being dicks, that's all."

i let go of him and look up at him.

"will you please stay here tonight?" i ask.

"sure, Louis said you were leaving tomorrow so i can take you home if you want?"

" thank you." i say.

we both get in the bed and cuddle up in the blanket. before i fall asleep though i swear i heard him say 'i love you'

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