Jena Sanderson. Seems like your average, happy teenage girl. well, she isn't. she couldn't be any sadder. Every time she goes to school, the people she once called her best friends bully her. the worst part? she doesn't even know why. but what happens when the truth starts to unveil and the past comes back to her? "will old love spark again, or is it just too good to be true?


8. chapter eight.

Louis' POV

Harry was just about to hit Jena when she fell to the floor unconscious. i rush over to her to see if shes okay.

"get Mum to call an ambulance." i snap at Harry.

he quickly leaves the room.

"Jena, can you hear me?" i ask her.

she doesn't reply. Everyone else piles into the room. Mum rushes over to Jena, her phone pressed against her ear.

Dean walks over to me and lifts me up by the collar of my football shirt and presses my back against the wall.

"what did you do this time, eh?" he asks.

"I swear i never done anything." i say.

"what, you didn't feel bad enough so you hit her? kick her a few time? that what you did?"

"dude, i was here, he didn't touch her." Harry cuts in.

Dean lets go of my shirt, and turns to the rest of the boys.

"you all take a long, hard look at that girl. those bruises and cuts, you put them there!" he says, then leaves the room.

the boys all have slightly widened eyes as they look at Jena. Mum ends the phone call and walks out the room.

"guys, this has to stop." i say.

"why? you remember what she did. she hurt you the most." Zayn says.

"it wasn't her. Leanne stole her phone and said all that." i say.

"she' probably lying." Niall says.

"it was weird that Jena would say that to us though, and i remember her saying she lost her phone at the time, and then Leanne shows up with her phone." Liam joins in.

"exactly! you guys do whatever you want, but I'm not being a dick to her anymore. You see those cuts, that was our fault." i say.

"Just because you like her, mate. you're thinking, if you're nice to her, maybe she'll fall in love with you and you'll live happily ever after. that what you think will happen? well it wont. so don't bother trying." Harry says.

"Liked. and that has nothing to do with this." i defend.

"sure it doesn't, mate. I'd love to stay and chat, but Becca's place seems more interesting right now." he says, then walks out the room.

"if you're positive she didn't send them texts, then I'm with ya." Niall says.

"same," zayn says, "only if you're positive though."

"I'm positive." i say.


Jena's POV.

when i wake up i'm sitting in a hospital bed. why am i back here? Johanna is sitting in a chair beside my bed, it looks like she's sleeping.

a nurse walks in the room and i recognize her from last time i was here.

"Lola!" i say.

"hey, you feeling okay?" she asks.

"yeah, my head hurts a little though. what happened?"

"you fainted. you weren't eating enough which caused you to become weak and black out." she says.

"oh." is all i manage to say.

Hours pass and im bored out of my mind. Johanna woke up and left to find Dean. Lola hasn't been back since i woke up. i sit on the bed, twiddling my thumbs, when the door to the private room opens and a frantic looking Lottie and two other girls walk in.

"oh my god, Jena!" she says, then comes over and gives me a tight hug, "Louis told me a few hours ago but they said i couldn't come. i snuck out and came here with these two."

i looked at the two girls standing by the door. One had caramel coloured skin, big, brown eyes, and frizzy dark hair. the other had long, straight blonde hair, light blue eyes, and tanned skin.

"I'm Shaunee." the girl with darker skin said.

"And I'm Erin." the other girl said.

"Hi." i say awkwardly.

"Has your Mum found Dean yet?" i ask.

"i don't think so, I'll text her." Lottie says.

she pulls out her white Iphone and taps at the screen. Erin and Shaunee come over and sit at the end of the bed.

"The food they have here is disgusting." Shaunee says.

"Ditto. its totally awful. it probably makes you more sick." Erin replies.

"they should really get some big macs or something." Lottie joins in.

the conversation turns into a discussion about the best places to get good food here. I don't really say anything, but occasionally agree with something they say.

after about an hour a doctor comes in and tells them they have to leave. they all hug me and then leave. i really wish they hadn't to be honest, because now i'm alone again.

i try and get to sleep since there's not much else i can do. I'm almost asleep when i hear yelling from outside the room.

"Let me see her!" a familiar voice yells.

"Sir, I'm afraid you have to leave." another says.

"Not until i see her!" the first voice yells again.

for a moment the voices shut off and theres a shuffling. then the door to my room opens and someone i wasn't expecting to see is standing in the doorway.

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