Jena Sanderson. Seems like your average, happy teenage girl. well, she isn't. she couldn't be any sadder. Every time she goes to school, the people she once called her best friends bully her. the worst part? she doesn't even know why. but what happens when the truth starts to unveil and the past comes back to her? "will old love spark again, or is it just too good to be true?


10. chapter 10.

Louis' POV.

How could i have been so stupid. i should have let her explain. we might still be friends if i had asked her about the texts. but no. stupid old me has to make her life hell without an explanation.

i look down at Jena. she looks so nice when she's sleeping. Maybe if i hadn't been such a dick she could have liked me back. it honestly broke me when she said she'd never like me back or go out with me.

i feel her stirring under my arm and look down. her eyes flutter open and she looks up into mine.

"morning." i say.

she yawns, then says " morning, what time is it?"

i pick up my phone from the bedside table and unlocked it.

"7am." i say.

"shit, shouldn't we go to school soon." she says.

"fuck school. I'd rather be here with you and the guys than at school."

"wait  the guys are coming? what if they still hate me? what if theyre just saying they don't hate me but then they're still going to be dicks?" she asks panicked.

"i'll make them like you then." i say.

she laughs then sighs. she pulls the blanket off her then gets off the bed.

"what are you doing?" i ask.

"i need to pee." she says, then walks into the bathroom.

i go onto the message app on my phone and text Niall.

'hey m8. cum2 hospital. brng othrs n fd' (hey mate. come to hospital. bring others and food.)

i press send, then Jena comes out the bathroom.

"the guys are on their way, their bringing food." i say.

"oh, ok." she says.


30 minutes later and the guys walk in the room with 4 bags of McDonalds. Niall hands everyone food then we all sit on the floor and eat.


Jena's POV.

we 're all sitting on the floor eating McDonalds because the bed was too small. everyone got the same stuff. A big Mac, large fires, a McFlurry, and a soft drink.

I hope you're not going to eat all that, you're already fat enough, ew. my mind sniggers.

'shut up. shut up. shut up.' i yell at my mind.

ugh, you're disgusting. you'll just get even fatter is you eat that. it says again.

i squeeze my eyes shut and pull on my hair.

'Go Away!'

"are you okay, Jen?" Zayn asks.

you think they really care about you? Ha!

one of the guys places their hand on my shoulder and i jerk backwards. i look around and realize they're all looking at me.

"Jen?" Liam says questioningly.

"excuse me." i say.

i get up and go to the bathroom. i look at my self in the mirror. i lift up the hem of the hospital shirt and look at my stomach.

fat. fat. fat. my mind yells.

"no," i say. "I'm not fat."

i wipe the tears that i had only just noticed from my cheeks and leave the bathroom. i sit back down where i was and look at the guys.

"you okay?" Louis asks.

"for once, i think i am." i smile. a real one.

the boys go back to eating and i pick up my Big Mac from the box. i stare at it for a few seconds before taking a large bite.

at first it feels weird to eat, but then i discover how hungry i am after months of hardly touching food. i take another mouth full. soon the whole burger is finished.I'm the last one to finish the food.

"wait, shouldn't you guys be at school?" i ask.

"It's Monday, i doubt anyone even knows we're not there." Zayn says.

"what about Harry?" i ask.

"He's probably too busy with Kylie to even notice we're not there." he says.

Kylie is a stuck up girl in our year. she's got bleach blond hair and is always caked in make-up. her skirts are smaller than belts and her shirts are practically bras.

I've never liked her. she always thinks shes better than everyone because her family have money. like shit loads of money .both her parents work in high up businesses which earn a lot of money. she always throws it in peoples faces.

"he's probably at hers now." Liam says.

i don't know why but the fact that Harry might be with Kylie annoys me. he never used to be like this. is it because it makes him cool or is it my fault? i wish i could go back to when he was innocent and we were best friends.

"I'm bored." Niall says, falling backwards onto his back.

"same." I say.

"truth or dare?" Zayn suggests.

"me first!" Louis says. "Niall. Truth or dare?"

"Dare." he says.

" i dare you walk into school tomorrow in a full chicken suit." Louis smirks.

"easy." he says. " Liam. truth or dare?"

"Truth." Liam says.

"you're so boring! is it true you that you and Kelsi-Leigh hooked up at Kylie's party?"

"yeah, she was really good at-" Liam starts but i cut him off.

"omg eww, i don't want to hear about you and Kelsi-Leigh fucking." i say, covering my ears.

this makes them all laugh.

"fine then, Jena. Truth or dare?" he asks.

"dare." i say.

"i dare you to lick Niall's face." he says.

i go over to Niall and sit down in front of him. i quickly lick his face and go back to where i was.

all the boys laugh at the disgusted expression on my face.

we play truth and dare for a few hours until the Liam, Niall and Zayn have to leave.

"Are you not going with them?" i ask Louis.

"nah, I'd rather stay here." he says.

i laugh a little then sit cross-legged on the bed. Louis sits on the other side of the bed with his legs crossed too.

we stare at each other for a moment before he speaks.

"you have really nice eyes."

"so do you." i reply.

i slowly start to lean in to him. at first he doesn't move but then he moves in as well. i places his hand on my cheek and caresses it slightly.

our faces are inches apart. i can feel his breath on my face.

"I've wanted to do this ever since i met you." he says.

then he presses his lips against mine. the kiss is sweet and passionate. my arms snake around his neck and he pulls me onto his lap. i fingers twirl around the strands of hair at the bottom of his neck. his arms wrap around my waist, pulling me closer.

before anything more can happen, the door opens and we quickly pull apart. i look over at the door to see . . . Harry?

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