Can we be together?

It is about the Ku Klux Klan in South America…
We are following, David, there is a black man. He won't to be with Diana there is a withe woman. But will Diana's husband come between them….?


1. Diana <3

 It is a long day, we have planed that my lover and her child, want to travel to North America. I think that the biggest problem is her husband, I am scared of him. He is so big, and his friends... They are just the most scared persons in the whole world.


Me and my lovely lover, Diana, we planed last night that she will go over to me around 8 o’clock. I want to give them the best life ever. I love Diana and her child, they mean everthing for me.

That thought I think at most is, what if they catch me? What will they do? There is so many thought, but that thought there means everthing to me is: I have to protect Diana and her child from her awful husband. I have pack my bag with the most important things I have. Diana can come every minute, so I will pray for us.


Dear Good.... Will you please take care of me and Diana and her child? We have to go into the most scary thing ever. We have to run away from this hell and all the white people... I can not take it any more, there is to many there had me... I don’t know why they had me... I do want they want me to do, I help them... So please help us, it is now I need you. Amen.


It knocks on the door….. 




Det var det første kapitel, håber det var godt. Der vil komme mere senere. <3


It was the first chapter, I hope that was great. There will come more later. <3

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