Hope's the word,

We are imprisoned. And then we are forced to write a diary. Were so deep in it that we don't even know who's in control, that is until we do. Until we escape, leaving pages of our actual thoughts for them to trace. But of course, I had been feeding them false facts for years, false memories of what it was like. They want to know, they need to know our secrets. Especially mine. Only because I'm the daughter of our most powerful leader, of our old home. They wanted control over the island, they have it. But the one thing that they will never have is my true mind.


1. Escaping,

I am number 1044, I am 16 years old. Today I woke up as 7:09 am. I was dressed by 7:29 am. I had oatmeal for breakfast with warm milk, at 7:40 am. I stole some extra sugar. I worked my chores until dinner at 12:00 am. For dinner I ate some dry rolls and vegetable soup, blended down nice and watery. I drank warm water. After this I had my free time. I snuck back into the kitchen and stole two extra rolls. I felt exited. I ate one and hid the other under my pillow. I worked in the infirmary at 2:09 pm to tea time at 5:30. I helped a sick girl, number 3405. She was 7 years old. I felt good after giving her medicine for her saw neck. She slept on the bottom bunk. Like me. For tea I ate stew, and drank warm water again. I felt full. I done engineering from then to when I returned to the sleeping quarters at 8:05 pm. I was in bed at 8:11 pm. I fell asleep at 8:41.

I am number 1044, I am sixteen years old. Today I woke up at 6:15 am. I was dressed by 6:34 am. I attended my morning chore duty for Tuesdays. Me, number 9014, 8907, 1123, and 6574, mopped the halls, and cleared the stables. Number 7541 didn't show up. I heard that he had slept in. I felt sad because I know that he would be punished. I ate breakfast at 7:45 and enjoyed oatmeal and warm milk once again. After that I was confronted by guard letters q-w-e-d. I felt annoyed as he removed my stolen bead roll from under my pillow. I felt happy as I pictured him eating it. I was made to skip dinner because of my childishness. I regretted taking the extra rolls. I done extra engineering from 8:09 am to 4:34 pm. I felt tired. I cut the bushes in the garden till tea time, which I ate meat soup for, and drank icy water. It was nice. At 6:01 pm I threw up the meat soup. I enjoyed my trip to the infirmary at 6:05 pm to 6:41 pm. I had my free time in the sleeping quarters till  I went to bed at 8:34 pm. I fell asleep at 9:10 pm.

I am number 1044, I am sixteen years old. Today I woke up at 4:11 am. I was dressed by 4:24 am. I felt tired. I attended my kitchen duty at 4:30 am. I made oatmeal and warm milk. I sneak a sharp knife at 5:11 am. After this I run down the long corridor and down lots of steps to 5:47 am. It was my free time. I arrive at the basement at 6:01 am. I find the secret trap door and open it. I enjoy the feeling of fresh air on my skin at 6:09 am. I run. After killing three guards by 8:59 am, I felt tired. my stomach grumbles as I wish that the guard had not have taken my stolen roll. I remember the guard letters of those that I had killed, g-k-o-i, a-n-v-g, and finally q-w-e-d. I felt sad. I ignore that feeling and feel free at 9:10 am. The sky is grey and I run around a lot of buildings for along time. I finally find a safe place at 1:08 pm. I hide behind a square of tall walls. It is cold. I shiver at 1:24 pm to 4:09 pm. I had stayed crouched her for a long time. I felt tired. I do nothing to 6:43 pm. I take off my watch, and toss it in a near by bin. They could no longer trace me. I smile. I still feel free. I will leave this entry where I am sitting and will continue my escape in the morning. I go to bed on a large pile of old hay from the stables. I do not sleep.

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