Drunk In love

Lexi is an 18 year old girl. Max is also 18. Max is your typical bad boy...he loves em and leaves them.
Lexi is the most popular girl in school she has never had a real boyfriend also one more thing she HATES max but what happens when they go to the end of year party ....... Will they figure out that they have feelings for each other or will she be another one of Max's hump and dump's
Find out in drunk in love.......


4. Shock ~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~lexi POV ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~




The shock ... The horror ... (I can't believe I'm saying this) the ........... SEXYNESS of him was utterly revolting to think that max would have . He laid me down on the bed and plummeted next to me. Before I knew it we was kissing and I was kissing back  after five minutes it got really heated . He rolled on top of me throwing the shirt to the side we were kissing passionately in that position for 2 minutes when he suddenly pulled away he did that same sexy smirk and started to plant small light kisses around my face we stopped finally after about  a minute , I bit my lip as I was looking at his very toned body and then BANG the door flew open to reveal the one person that I wish it wasn't with tears in her eyes she ran out 







hi guys sorry for not updating will try everyday 

Tell me who you think it is in the doorway 





mille xxxx


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