Drunk In love

Lexi is an 18 year old girl. Max is also 18. Max is your typical bad boy...he loves em and leaves them.
Lexi is the most popular girl in school she has never had a real boyfriend also one more thing she HATES max but what happens when they go to the end of year party ....... Will they figure out that they have feelings for each other or will she be another one of Max's hump and dump's
Find out in drunk in love.......


6. She's WHAT!

Jess POV~~~~~~~~~~

as I stepped onto the ambulance I instantly regretted it!

it all started with paramedics asking me questions like' was she drinking and Alcohol' things like that then a beeping sound appeared and I began to panic as the medics were telling me to stand back. They began to try and get her heart beating again after about 2 mins she was stable just as we pulled into the hospital. We got rushed into A+E  Lexi got taken into a X-ray room. 

After 10 minutes Harrison came flying through the doors of the hospital, he came up to me and opened his arms I didn't hesitate to go into them I began to sob into his chest.

after another 10 minutes the doctor came out of the room Lexi was in and explained to us what was wrong with Lexi 'Lexi has a few broken ribs but they are nothing to worry about!' ' but why did she pass out?' I said nervously ' well as she hit the ground she hit her head hard we need to take some MRI scans on her brain to make sure everything is normal but be ready for her to go in surgery as we think she has done some serious damage' the doctor told us sadly. As I heard this I began to break down 


sorry for not updating I will try to everyday 

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