Drunk In love

Lexi is an 18 year old girl. Max is also 18. Max is your typical bad boy...he loves em and leaves them.
Lexi is the most popular girl in school she has never had a real boyfriend also one more thing she HATES max but what happens when they go to the end of year party ....... Will they figure out that they have feelings for each other or will she be another one of Max's hump and dump's
Find out in drunk in love.......


9. Max to the rescue

Harrison pov


" what do you want" I say through gritted teeth 

" just passing to see how the SLUT'S  doing"chuckled Ethan ( Ethan is one of lexi's rejects)

" shut the fuck up you have no fucking clue what the bitch next to you has done to lexi" I said indignantly

" she deserves everything that is coming for her" Hannah said wickedly 

" really she deserves to die does she for something Max did? Do you even know what happend!" 

Jess finally said 

" of course I know what happened that whore fucked  my boyfriend " Hannah said cockily 

jess looked behind Hannah and looked scared 

" I'm not your fucking boyfriend! I don't even know who you are" Max shouted at Hannah 

i got mor angry  max looked over and gave me a reassuring look 

" err...... I ... " Hannah mumbled

" yeah that's what I thought now run along before I hit your little'friend'!"  Max said 

 Max was as angry as I was. I ever thought I would say this but if it wasn't for max I wouldn't have stayed calm for as long as I did . Then the doctor came out and looked worried!


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