Drunk In love

Lexi is an 18 year old girl. Max is also 18. Max is your typical bad boy...he loves em and leaves them.
Lexi is the most popular girl in school she has never had a real boyfriend also one more thing she HATES max but what happens when they go to the end of year party ....... Will they figure out that they have feelings for each other or will she be another one of Max's hump and dump's
Find out in drunk in love.......


7. Hospital.. Worries.. And perfect Beating

jess pov~~~~~~

me and Harrison have been at the hospital all night, we don't know how lexi is or if she's better. Harrison hasn't talked once since we've been here I'm really worried about him.


harrisons POV. ~~~~~~~

we've been at the hospital for seems like years. I can't stop thinking about memories of yesterday: Hannah going from best friends to beating up lex, lexi possible brain damage. 

The worst part of this is the thought of that prick's tongue down lexi's throat it makes me so Angry!!!


I look over at the entrance doors and back to Harrison  debating weather to leave or stay 

I looked again at the entrance I gasped at who was walking upto us when Harrison saw who it was he went pale white and bunched up the fists I looked at his knuckles they were whiter then the rest of him 

Harrisons pov~~~

the opponents came closer, with every move they make I move closer to them soon enough we were face to face and they were smirking properly at why we were here..









sorry guys I haven't been updating I've just got back from America 

any way please leave your comments and tell me who think the opponents are

thanks keep reading there will be more exciting scenes coming up very soon 


millie xxx

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