Drunk In love

Lexi is an 18 year old girl. Max is also 18. Max is your typical bad boy...he loves em and leaves them.
Lexi is the most popular girl in school she has never had a real boyfriend also one more thing she HATES max but what happens when they go to the end of year party ....... Will they figure out that they have feelings for each other or will she be another one of Max's hump and dump's
Find out in drunk in love.......


5. Chasing

I ran after Hannah she was balling her eyes out as I approached her she was shouting at me. 'I should have guessed you to  have had sex with the only boy I liked' she said with hurt in her voice. ' what we didnt do anything '' so you still kissed him and you knew i reallyliked him' I'm so so so sorry Hannah we both got lost in the moment and-' 'save it I don't wont to hear it! I hate you .... I hate you so fucking much that .... You know what -' with that she kneed me in the stomach. Every thing went black i heard screaming As i hit the floor.

the next thing I knew I heard sirens and someone was talking to me asking if I could hear them.. Well I could but I couldn't speak then everything went dark AGAIN

~~~~~~~~~jess POV ~~~~~~~~~~~~

i came running in to see lexi falling to the ground! I called the police and an ambulance when the ambulance arrived the paramedic was talking to her but she wasn't responding then the police showed up and asked how she fell I went into the kitchen with Harrison and we told the officer what we had seen and heard 2 minutes later the arrested Hannah and as we went into the living room I saw lexi on the stretcher I began to cry and began to fall to the ground as Harrison caught me gently kissing my forehead. I felt so protected in his arms I've never told anyone this but I have a massive crush on Harrison it all started when me and lexi were 5 ~~~~~~~~~~flashback~~~~~~~~~~

'lexi get him' I shouted we were playing kiss chase as we always did

turned around expecting to  see lexi but saw Harrison he grabbed me and gently kissed me on the lips and ran off again.


~~~~~~~back to normal time~~~~~~~~~

Harrison left my arms and ran up to the ambulance where lexi was being taken the paramedic said only one of us could go with her so everyone pushed me forward as I steeped in I instantly regretted it .








sorry for no updating will try everyday now xxxx

please comment on what you thinks going to happen 

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