Five Seconds Of One Direction

Hey my name is Toni Marie Donald. And this is a story to how I met nine amazing people. Please read more to find out my story! *Non Famous*


6. Worry

Calum's POV

"Toni let us in!" I yelled.

When she slammed the bathroom door in her room we all got instantly worried. Me and the boys thought that she was going to cut. She hasn't cut since Year 10.

"Toni! Please!" me and Niall yelled

Everyone was almost in tears. I cant stand to see her hurt. I don't think any one does.

Toni's POV

I got out of the shower and changed into Kermit the frog sweater, some skinny jeans, green converse. I put on a bracelet that says Zombies. I flat ironed my hair and put a green beanie on. I grabbed my green beats and my phone. I walked over to my door to see if the boys were still there an they were. So I went over to my window. I opened it and climbed down the tree that's next to my room.

"Toni!" I heard Niall yell before I ran down the street.

I ran to the nearest park and sat on a bench. I put my beats on and listened to music. I sat back and relaxed thinking about what the boys told me. That was until someone tapped on my arm. I looked to my left to see a little boy, he looked about five. He had dark brown hair, and light blue eyes. He looked a little like a smaller version of my ex-boyfriend, Jason. This little boy was innocent, while Jason was entirely guilty.

I took my headphones off and smiled at him.

"Can I help you?" I asked him.

"Yeah! Will you play with me?" he asks adorably.

"Sure," I said, then got up to play with him. "What's your name?"

"I'm Joey!" he cheered.

"Hi, Joey! I'm Toni." I said happily.

We walk over to the play ground and play Foomility, whatever that is. Basically you hide somewhere

until I got a call. I looked at it and my heart dropped. It was my ex. I started shaking like crazy. The little boy came over to me and looked at me with worry. He wrapped his arms around me. I hugged him back. I looked at my phone and ignored it. I looked at the little boy and smiled at him.

"Its alright" I say

He nods and looked at something. I followed his gazed to see that he was looking at my ex. I slowly stood up and looked at him. I started to shake again when he started to walk closer.

"What do you want Jason?" I ask

"I want to know why you are here without those faggs? and my little brother?" he said sternly

Joey hid behind me in fear. I looked at him confused at first. Then I instantly knew what Jason does to his brother. I glared at Jason. He smirked.

"What the f**k did you do to your brother?!" I screamed at him

"I put him in his place" he snickered

I gave him a cold dead glare. If looks could kill, he would be ten feet under. I picked up Joey and hugged him close.

"Jason leave us alone!" I say sternly

"And why should I?" he asks

I was about to say something when Harry, Louis, and Luke came running towards me. I was slightly relieved. I looked at them with a 'Help me' look. They walked in front of me and Joey.

"What are you fags here?" Jason asks

"Who the f**k are you calling a fag?!" Louis yelled

"You, you dumbass!" Jason yelled

I slowly walked away from the boys and ran to my house with Joey still in my arms. Once I got inside six boys come running towards me. Once they saw a crying Joey in my arms they gave me a look that asked 'Who the f**k is that?'

"Guys this is Joey. Jason's little brother" I say

They look at me with worry. I just shake my head. I take Joey up to my room. Once I got there I remembered I locked it, so I picked the lock. I walked into the room with Joey and we laid on my bed until we fell asleep.


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