Five Seconds Of One Direction

Hey my name is Toni Marie Donald. And this is a story to how I met nine amazing people. Please read more to find out my story! *Non Famous*


14. When We Found Lara Out

Toni's POV

All of us were sitting on the couch watching Dr. Phil--well all but Luke, he was sitting on the living chair, staring at his phone with obvious worry in his baby blue eyes. Right when the lady was crying about her child acting weird I heard the doorbell ring.

Looking around I saw that no one was making a move to get it, in fact they all seemed strangely more interested in what they were doing. Luke jumped and stared at the door with hopeful eyes.

"Okay, I'll get it." I said under my breath as I ambled towards the door. "Perrie," came out of my mouth as I saw who it was. Zayn heard that and stood up.

"Hey, Toni!" Perrie smiled. "So, who is this guy you wanted me to meet? I have to get out of here quickly, I have a date to get to."

"A date?" I asked, suddenly feeling awkward.

"Yeah," she looked apologetically at me. "Did you hear about what happened like an hour ago?"

"No what?" Zayn sauntered over with Luke cautiously at his heels. All the boys were actually watching, interested in what she was going to say.

"Sara's parents are dead," Perrie said quietly. 

"Where's Sara?" Luke now ran over. Perrie looked sadly at him.

"She's missing."


"We've got to do something!" Luke yelled for the hundredth time.

"Luke, the cops are already looking for her." Louis replied for Ashton.

"What if they don't get there in time?" he threw his arms out. "What if she..."

Then he broke down in tears.

"Luke, I never knew you two to be so close." I said walking up to him to give my comfort.

"Sh-She," he stammered. "We loved--no, love each other."

"Luke," was the only sound anyone made for a while as we just stared at him.

"If you guys don't help me find her and she dies," Luke looked at me. "I'm leaving."




hello! Macklyon00 here! Could any of you lovely readers read some of my other stuff? If you guys like the stuff I do with Pyperisamazinglynotonfire (girl, that's a long-ass name), we can write something else together. Yeah, sound good? If you guys like 5sos, I've got some 5sos ones (see The Musician and the Model, going to be a series where all of the boys get some light), I might have some One Direction ones coming out. If you are interested in any other bands, or YouTubers, or shows, or food (might be a weird one, but I can swing it), tell me and I'll see if I can write it. I've also got some cool non-fanfiction stories, if you're interested in that. 


nice plug from me :P




(Just so you guys also know, I wrote both Sara's Side and this chapter)

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