Five Seconds Of One Direction

Hey my name is Toni Marie Donald. And this is a story to how I met nine amazing people. Please read more to find out my story! *Non Famous*


2. The Nine Lads

Toni's POV

When I saw the nine lads in my lounge past out I almost screamed. But I didn't once I saw who they were. I sighed in relief. I stepped around the lads and headed to the kitchen. I started making breakfast. I made omelets, toast, pancakes, bacon, sausage, and waffles. After I finished I placed all the food on the table and walked into the lounge. I saw that none of the boys were up. So I decided to scream. I screamed and the only ones who woke up were Ashton, Liam, and Calum. They looked at me with shock and worry. I just laugh. They calmed down and laughed with me.

"So, What's up?" I Calum asks.

"Foods on the table" I say

They walk over to the kitchen and start eating. I walk over to a easy victim. I sit next to Louis on the floor. I start to pet his head. He stirs in his sleep. I kiss his cheek to see what he does. His eye lids fly open. His eyes go wide when he sees me. I giggle.

"Foods in the kitchen" I say

He nods and stands up and yawns. I walk over to Harry and sit on him. He jumps as I plop down on him. I laugh. I point to the kitchen.

"Food" I say

Next victim. Niall. I walk over to where Niall was sleeping. I kneel down next to him.

"Niall" I whisper

He moans in his sleep. He rolls over. He was starting to make me mad.

"Niall get your arse up now!" I yell in his ear.

He jumps up in surprise. I laugh at this.

"Food..... in..... kitchen" I say between laughs.

I walk into the kitchen and grab three cups of ice water. I walk over to Luke and pour one cup of water on him. He jumps up.

"What the hell?!" he screams.

I laugh and go over to Michael and also pour one cup of ice water on him. He jumps up wide eyed. I once again laugh. While laughing I go over to Zayn. I was about to pour the water on him when Zayn jumps up making me spill the water all over me. I let out a blood curdling scream. The others run in, looking worried. They see Zayn laughing his arse off.

"Malik! This is not over!" I yell as I run upstairs to change into new clothes.

(The new outfit)>

I ran back downstairs to see Zayn sitting on the ground looking ashamed. I looked at the others who were trying really hard not to laugh.

"What's up?" I ask.

Zayn looks up. He jumps up and engulfs me in a hug.

"I'm so, so, so sorry!" he cries into my shoulder.

I hug him back and laugh.

"Zayn why are you apologizing?" I ask him

"Because, I spilt the water on you" he says as he pulls out of the hug.

"Zayn its alright" I say.


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