Five Seconds Of One Direction

Hey my name is Toni Marie Donald. And this is a story to how I met nine amazing people. Please read more to find out my story! *Non Famous*


13. Sara's Side

Sara's POV

I woke up with the usual pulsing in my head, but not with the usual guy. Instead of blonde hair, black hair glistened. Instead of the soft features, sharp and strong features took over. I realized then and there.

Trent was in my bed.

I could think only of Toni, my only real friend since early childhood. Matching our mothers, who were like sisters. Toni and I haven't been as close recently because she's always around the boys and we don't necessarily get along most of the time. Also if Luke and I were seen together, that would blow our cover. The cover I will not speak of right now. Especially since Trent and Jason (the boys that come in a package) really don't like those boys. 

But Trent . . . What did I do?

I slid out of bed, completely naked (that didn't come as a shock because I sleep naked), and watched him with fear and regret in my eyes. 

He stirred, I backed away.

I turned to cover my shame as I heard a voice from behind me.

"Sara?" Trent said, not with his usual I'm-better-than-everyone undertone. "What happened?"

"What do you remember?" I replied gingerly, waiting for him to snap out of whatever funk he was in and be rude.

"I remember you drinking a lot and crying saying weird things about Toni and me taking you home." he looked down, as if finally aware that he was completely naked as well. "Did you hear about Jason's mother?" he said as if trying to change the subject, that I would oblige him with.

"No, what happened?" I asked, handing him a blanket to cover himself up until he found his clothes.

"She's dead." Trent said, staring down into his hands. "Murdered."

"By whom?" I asked, putting on some clothes--which consisted of undergarments, a sports bra, shorts, and a t-shirt. When I turned around, Trent's hazel eyes were looking rather regretfully at my blue ones.

"By Jason." 

Then the whole world went dark.


I woke up in a cold, dark place. Alone, scared, feeling stupid for actually believe Trent could be a good person.

"Sara?" speak of the devil. "Are you up?"

I raised a hand to my now throbbing head and almost let out a scream when I felt that it was wet. I whimpered.

"Sara?" still that awful Trent. "Just so you know, we never did have sex. That spot with you is reserved to Luke. What actually happened was I drove you home, Jason was in the car with us. He killed your parents, That brother of yours, Kent? He's lucky that he's off at college. Why we were both naked was that you took off both of our clothes. Ha! Like I'd have sex with a two-dollar-whore like you? Hell, half of the school already had that experience with you."

Mom? Dad? I let a couple of tears fall in my shock. Jason killed his mother, Jason killed my mom, Jason killed my dad, Jason would have killed Kent if he hadn't been gone and safe. Trent, he . . . helped him.

He did lie at the end there, I know that. I have only actually had sex with two people, Marshall Jenkins--a college guy--, and Luke. 

I still had the pictures of my parents in my mind as tears rode down my face.

"Why?" I let out.

"Because, Sullen Sara, Toni should die. I wanted her to die in that car crash. Even when we dated, a part of me just wanted to watch as she screamed in pain. My mother got in the way of my plan, so she went away. Your parents got in the way of you, so they went away." Jason spoke up from the drivers seat of the car. We're in a car, a van maybe. Why hadn't I noticed before?

"Why do you want me?" I croaked.

"Because, Toni will come to help you if she realizes that you are in grave danger." Jason explained.

"No, she won't," I whispered as I curled into the fetal position. She won't come for me. No one cares about Slutty Sara. Everyone only cares about wonderful Toni, she won't come because she has Zayn and Harry and Liam and Niall and Louis, she has Michael and Calum and Ashton wrapped around her finger. Not even Luke--who I have poured my heart out to, who has told me he loves me--will come to my rescue. I will die tonight, alone--just as I was born, alone. 

I lay on the carpet of the van and just sat in silence for what seemed like ages. Resting in the fact that I will die, learning to understand and embrace death. Toni won't come, I know that.

For Death will come for me, and I am to welcome Death with open arms. 

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