Five Seconds Of One Direction

Hey my name is Toni Marie Donald. And this is a story to how I met nine amazing people. Please read more to find out my story! *Non Famous*


8. Best Friends

Hey loves! So this story will automatically be in Toni's point of view. Just thought I should let you guys know! Alright! BAI!!!

<3 XxLoveBugXx


Toni's POV

"Yay!" I cheered with them

I think its great that all of us will be taking our classes together. Us ten shall be inseparable! It will be weird though. Only because I'm a nerd. According to all of my other friends nerds don't hang out with the popular's. But I have been friends with the boys since grade one. They became popular while I became a nerd. We kind of drifted apart in grade nine.

"Toni come on or we'll be late!" Calum yelled to me

I sighed put my glasses on and walked towards the building. Here we go another boring school day. Maybe the boys can help with the boredom that I am already getting. Once we get to our first class I sit in my seat in the middle of the classroom. The boys instantly sat around me.

"Okay class to day we will be writing a three page story on the most interesting dream you've had" the teacher said as she passed out paper.

I smiled a little. I have always loved writing stories. In fact I have written many short stories in about twenty notebooks. They all consist of romance and comedy stories. So I started writing my story. I wrote about this one dream where I fell in love only to find out he was using me for money. It was a very interesting dream.

~time skip~

When I walked into the canteen I saw all of the boys had a table and were waiting for me. When they saw me they called me over. Everyone around them looked at them with a weird expression. I walked over to them and sat down.

"Hey lads!" I greeted

"Hello love" they greeted me back

"You know that everyone will start to think you guys are nerds right?" I asked

"Yup" Zayn said

"TONI!" I heard someone yell

I turned to see Sara running towards me. I got up before she could tackle any of the boys. He attacked me in a bear hug. I heard her hiccup. I pulled out of the hug and looked at her. She had some tears running own her cheeks. I wiped them away with me thumbs.

"Hey what's wrong babe?" I asked

"Its just I had lost you at the party that I didn't know what happened!" she cried.

"Aww" I said and hugged her tight

I heard one of the boys grunt behind me. I rolled my eyes and sat down with Sara. We were having fun until I saw Trent. My whole body went stiff. Michael noticed this and leaned to my ear and asked what's up.

"Trent just walked in" I say

Trent made eye contact with me. He smirked evilly at me. Michael had told the boys and they all became serious. I saw Zayn's and Calum's fists clench. Niall and Luke wrapped their arms around me. Sara gave me a confused look. I just shook it off.


Hello! So Sorry but I have some writers block! T~T But I promise that the next chapter! So BAI!!!

<3 XxLoveBugXx

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