Five Seconds Of One Direction

Hey my name is Toni Marie Donald. And this is a story to how I met nine amazing people. Please read more to find out my story! *Non Famous*


9. A Little Fight

Trent walked up to our table and looked at me. Niall's and Luke's arms tightened around me. Sara looks at Trent with disgust.

"Looks like the slut has some slaves," Trent chuckles

"Why don't you shut the hell up!" Michael slightly yells

"Oh! So Toni can't fight for herself," Trent smirks

"You know what Trent! Just because I broke up with your best friend doesn't mean you can bully my friends," I say sternly

"You think you can talk to like that?!" he asks angrily

He glares at me then punches Harry in the face. All of the boys instantly stand up. Niall, Calum and Louis help Harry up as I run over to them. I grab Harry's hand and took him to the bench. I examine his face. He has a cut on the top of his forehead, from hitting the ground, his nose was bleeding and had a small cut on his cheek.

"Oh Harry! Are you alright?!" I ask with worry

"I'm alright. Lets just go back to the house," he says

"Alright," I giggle and take him to my car

"Harry can you wait at my car for a minute?" I ask

He nods and walks off to my car. I walk over to where the others are. I see that no one has made a move. The boys were just glaring at Trent. I walk over and stand in front of the boys. Louis and Luke tried to pull me behind them, but I stopped them. I walked over to Trent and crashed my knee into his groin. He fell to the ground in pain. I brought my fist up to punch him in the face; but Liam quickly grabbed my hand. He pulled me into a tight hug. It was then that I noticed that I had tears running down my face. I pulled out of the hug and ran to my car. When Harry saw me he engulfed me in a hug. I pushed out of the hug and smiled weakly at Harry.

"Lets get you home so we can clean up your face," I say as I unlock the car.

When we arrive at the house I take Harry to my bathroom. He sits on the toilet while I pull out my first aid kit. I bandage him up and push him out of the bathroom.

"Harry go back to school," I say as I push him out the front door with my car keys

Once I hear the car start up and leave I place my back on the door and slid down. I then begin to silently sob. After a few minutes I stood up walked out the door and to the nearby park. I sat on a bench and quietly sobbed. After about two hours I stood up and walked back to the house. When I came in sight of the house I saw the boys come running outside frantically yelling my name. I slowly walked up to the house and once Zayn saw me he raced over to me and picked me up in a hug.

"Toni! Where were you?!" he frantically asked me as he carried me inside

"Zayn, calm down," I start "I was at the nearby park"

I then realize something major. I jumped out of Zayn's arms and ran outside.

"SH*T!" I curse to myself

"Toni! What's wrong?" Zayn asks as he chases after me

"I forgot Joey!" I yell as I run towards his school

I ran up to the school and ran inside. I saw Joey but he looked terrified. I quickly walked over to him. Once he saw me he ran over and jumped into my arms. I held him close.

"Joey what's wrong?" I ask softly

"Jason w-was h-h-here," he quietly stutters

"Shh, It's alright I'm here now," I say as I put him down and start walking towards my house "Let's get you back to the house alright?"

He nods and we walk to the house laughing and joking around. When we got to the house I saw all of the boys with worry etched all over their faces. Once they saw me, me and Joey were wrapped in a huge group hug. I giggled at how they were shaking.

"Lads? Can't breathe. And I think Joey's face is purple," I say

They let go. That's when I notice that they have tears streaming down their faces. I quickly hugged each and everyone of them.

Luke's POV

As Toni finished hugging each of us, she walked inside. Joey looked at us with a questioning look.

"Why are you guys crying? Why was sissy crying?" he asked us

"Well," Liam starts as he kneels in front of Joey "Her brother and parents had died in a car crash; and Jason and Trent make fun of her for it"

"Is she going to be Ok, and why were you guys crying?" he asks again with tears in his eyes

"She will be fine. We were crying because she scared us because she wasn't at home when we got back," I say


Hey loves! I know this chapter is also sucky but I needed to update something. Any way I need some feedback for this chapter! And if its not to much I would like you guys to look at my other movellas? Like/Fav!

<3 XxLoveBugXx

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