My brother

My brother is Niall Horan. I am Dolphine Horan. People call me Dee, when my brother comes home with his band she falls in love. Will her brother stand back and watch all will he butt in?


12. uh oh.

It's almost dark but the sun is still setting, I'm walking down the jetty. No one but me is on the Jetty. I think this is because of what happened yesterday. Apparently a girl about 18 got kidnapped off the beach and she got killed. I don't pay much attention to the news. Suddenly there is a Hand over my mouth and someone is grabbing me, I try to fight but the man is strong, he injects something in my arm and I pass out.

When I wake up I'm sitting on a stone chair, I try to get up but I can't, I'm tied down. A man walks in the room. "What do you want from me?" I yell at him "tell me where you are hiding one direction" he said "I'm not, my brother is never around" I lie

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