My brother

My brother is Niall Horan. I am Dolphine Horan. People call me Dee, when my brother comes home with his band she falls in love. Will her brother stand back and watch all will he butt in?


5. The party

I get ready for the party I put on a sparkly blue dress that goes low on my chest and is about my thigh length, I put in slip on heels and a hair bow. I walk out "you look fine" says Harry "lay off her" Zayn tells him, "your not meant to flirt" he adds I get in my car "carpool" Niall tells me putting Zayn and Liam in my car when we get to the party it is a big house that is full of people. I go inside and drink a can of beer. Soon I join all the drunk people including Harry, "let's play spin the bottle" I say "you have to go make out in there" I say pointing to a closet we all sit in a circle and I spin. It lands on Niall, I spin again and it lands on Ashley, Niall has had a crush since kindy so he's happy. The come out the closet and Niall's hair is messed up and Ashley's dress is half off, Niall spins this time and it lands on me, omg who will I get. He spins again and time slows down, go on Harry i think. It lands on this dude called Jack and I'm pushed to the closet. The door shuts and he starts making out next thing I know he's taking my dress of, it's down to my shoulders when the timer ring and I have just enough time to zip it back up before the door opens. Later that night a Harry pulls me to the dance floor we dance until my feet hurt. The rest of the night is a blur.

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