My brother

My brother is Niall Horan. I am Dolphine Horan. People call me Dee, when my brother comes home with his band she falls in love. Will her brother stand back and watch all will he butt in?


9. The next morning

I wake up with a head ache, so I go to get some panadol. "I'm sorry about making you stay at the party last night" Niall tells me as I get down stairs "it's ok, you were drunk" I tell him as he starts cooking his breakfast, "what's cooking?" I ask "bacon and eggs!" He replies "enough for everyone or just you?" I ask "everyone" he replies making me feel better, "call me when I need to get up ok?" I tell him walking up the stairs. I go into the bath room and wipe off last nights make up, when I go into my room I suddenly have a great idea, I sneak into Harry's room and lie down next to him. I poke him, and again, he rolls over and I giggle. Now I know he's awake, he pulls me in close to him and hugs me, I hug back. "Sleepy head" I whisper as I fall asleep again. When I wake up Harry's still hugging me, and I realise that was the best sleep ever. I dreamt that Niall was I bacon man with an egg head! Hehe, i hear Niall calling so I try to get up, Harry's to strong darn. :) so I close my eyes, I feel him move, he scoops me up and carries me downstairs, I laugh all the way down. "Morning Dillster, looks like you need a moron like Harry to wake you up!" He says with a smile

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