My brother

My brother is Niall Horan. I am Dolphine Horan. People call me Dee, when my brother comes home with his band she falls in love. Will her brother stand back and watch all will he butt in?


1. My brother

I hate my brother. Niall is so mean he just locked me in my room, my mum isn't coming home for an hour now. I just sat in my room until mum pulled up outside. My door then unlocked (Niall opened it) I run down to mum. "Mum, Niall locked me in my room when you were gone" I tell her "why aren't you still there" she asks "because he unlocked it so he wouldn't get in trouble" I say "I will ask him" mum says going to his room. She comes back a minute later "don't tell me lies young woman" my mum yells at me and I run to my room crying. I hate him

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