My brother

My brother is Niall Horan. I am Dolphine Horan. People call me Dee, when my brother comes home with his band she falls in love. Will her brother stand back and watch all will he butt in?


3. Morning

The next morning I went downstairs and made six waffles, then I decorated them with cream and maple syrup. I had put them down on the table when someone grabbed me a spun me around, when I was finally ok again I looked and saw it was Harry, "I thought you were Niall." I told him "nope Harry" he answered winking "be right back" I told him I ran into my room and grabbed the waffle perfume that Niall got me on my tweth birthday so I would smell like waffles. I sneak into his room and spray the Perfume, he is up in seconds "Waffles down stairs" I say and he rushes out the door. Then I spray under the other boys doors and wait. Like Niall they are up in seconds, I tell them the same as I did Niall.

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