My brother

My brother is Niall Horan. I am Dolphine Horan. People call me Dee, when my brother comes home with his band she falls in love. Will her brother stand back and watch all will he butt in?


8. later that night

Niall is out for a party and Harry and I stayed home. "What do you want to do?" He asks me "dunno, Romantic dinner and movie?" I ask "sure ill order pizza" he says and I laugh when we finish the pizza we put on a movie. He leans in to me and I lean in more again were kissing, it's weird because soon he's French kissing and on top of me. We keep kissing until I get a phone call from Niall "we need you to pick us up at 1:00" he says "ok, bye" BEEP "where were we?" Harry asks leaning in again I feel his hand on my thigh, it feels nice. It's getting higher. It stops. He kisses harder until were tired, "let's go to bed" I say. "It's comfier" I tell him he takes off his shirts and I put on a nighty. I lie down and he lies next to me "lets not go further yet" I tell him giving him a kiss. It didn't stop and he's on top of me again, this lasts for ages until he pulls my nighty up. It's now on the floor, a giant make our session is happening. The timer goes BEEP BEEP that means it's 1:00, time to get Niall. We jump in the car and drive to the party. Walking in is the smell of alcohol and nobody has all there clothes on. We walk through the house and find Niall on one girl and another girl felling his but. Ewwwwww he's obviously drunk. "Niall, it's 1:00" I say "can I stay?" He asks "fine but we're not leaving" I say and he goes back to his girls. We walk in the dance floor and I see many people making out and dancing, I spot Zayn with my best friend Amily his hands are all over her boobs, she's drunk because she's letting him do it. Usually she would beat up a guy for even looking at them, I start dancing with Harry, soon we're making out dancing to. "You're so beautiful" he says some guys at least a foot talker and much stronger come and talk to Harry "I agree such is why we're kidnapping her" he says picking me up and walking away, they could squash Harry so he mouths Sorry and walks away. The guy Carries me to a upstairs room in which ten guys and eight girls are, I'm the only not drunk one, all the girls are in there bra and undies, soon I am to, they sit on a couch and order us to dance. We have to or they will take off all our clothes. I dance waiting until they tell us to stop, now kiss us, the biggest one commands. "No thanks" I say and he forces me to drink some beer yuk then he starts kissing me anyway. These boys always used to bully me at high school and now they want to be in my pants. Biiiig change, then another girl is kidnapped and taken up here. She looks about 18, to young to be here, lye on the bed, one of the men tell her, "no" I say "let her go and I will." I tell them they set her free "show me what you got sexy" he says uh oh I think as I lye on the bed he's making out but I'm not "make out" he says with his hands on my bra clip so I do soon when they have all had a turn they shove us in a closet and leave. "Shhh" I tell them as they Come back with an even stronger looking boy, he is the football team leader I think, "who wants some of me?" He asks pulling the closet open a girl volunteers, when he gets bored he comes back. No one volunteers this time, he pulls me out and gets everyone else to leave. "Why did you turn down an offer to have it with the most popular guy here?" He asks me "I have a boyfriend" I tell him "really who?" He asks sneering "Harry" I say "well to bad" says tearing my clothes off and pushing me on the bed. "Hey I hear a slurred voice yell "were busy" the man asks turning around "who is that?" Asks the boy "Dolphine, why should you care?" He asks "let her go" the boy says "what are you going to do about it shrimp?" He asks I know that name. I hear a whack and the man falls over onto the floor his jaw bleeding. The guy who just punched him was Niall. "I won't look" he says turning away. When I'm dressed I go look for Harry I find him covered in semi naked girls on the dance floor. "Help" he says when he sees me. "Santo (the man who took my clothes off) want to have 'it' with any girl upstairs" I yell and the girls are gone in seconds. I grab Harry's hand "let's go" I tell him walking to the car. "Thank you" I tell Niall "you are my sister" he said

If you don't know what 'it' is its S_X. I don't want to write it, this chapter may be in appropriate so if the rating changes i will delete chapter

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