The Collision

When Ashton Irwin starts at a new school, people aren't exactly the nicest to him because of his band. Jamie is just a teenager struggling with school life and troubles at home. When Ashton and Jamie collide, what will happen? Love? Or just friends with feelings for each other
that both won't admit.


9. Chapter 6

Ashton's POV (whaaat?!!?)

Jamie stood there nervously with her duffel bag around her shoulder- wait what?! Why does she have a duffel bag with her? Did she run away from home or something?

"Hello!" Calum chirps happily

"Hi" Jamie mumbles nervously

"And what's your name gorgeous" Michael chuckles. I glare at him.

"Calm your farm Ash" he mutters

"Ah m-my na-names uuum" Jamie struggles to get full sentences out

"Jamie" I step in. "Her name is Jamie and she is a big fan of us, explains why she's so nervous, and she also goes to my school and is my new best friend" I grin and wrap an arm around her, she laughs nervously

"Ohhhh, well hello Jamie, it's nice to meet you" Luke shakes her hand before giving her a hug and by the look on her face, she mentally died inside. "Thank you for looking after our little Ashy" he chuckles and pinches my cheeks

I slap his hand away and glare "hey! I'm older than all of you!!" I state proudly

"Yeh well you don't act it" Michael replies, Jamie laughs which makes me smile. Wait, what?! Do I like Jamie?

No! I can't possibly like Jamie, I just met her....


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