The Collision

When Ashton Irwin starts at a new school, people aren't exactly the nicest to him because of his band. Jamie is just a teenager struggling with school life and troubles at home. When Ashton and Jamie collide, what will happen? Love? Or just friends with feelings for each other
that both won't admit.


4. chapter 3

The first half of the day has gone by and I am entering the cafeteria for lunch. I spot Rhiannon walking up beside me so I turn to flip her off. She scowls and then when I turn around she quickly comes up behind me and yanks on my hair

"OOOW!!! What the fuck you bitch!!" I yell

"Suck on it" she replies whilst flipping me off

We finally stop being cows to each other and get our lunch, pay for it and look for somewhere to sit. We turn towards our normal table that we normally sit at just by ourselves but it seems that someone else is there already....?

"Hello? I ask politely when I reach the table

"Oh sorry I didn't realise this was your table there just doesn't seem to be anywhere else to sit" I hear a male Aussie accent say

"Omfg" I think. My heart flutters as I realise who it's is....


"O-oh a-aah that's ok" I say smiling like a fucking idiot. Jamie. Do. Not. Embarrass. Yourself. For. Fucks sake...! It's fucking Ashton Irwin!!!

"Oh do you mind if I stay?? I'm new here and don't have any friends, I would love to make some new ones though?" He said. Hinting that he wanted to be friends with me. Oh my god. He wants to be friends with me!! Holy fucking shit.

"No of course not, I love new people. Means more friends. We'll not exactly true. They normally always go for the popular group" I say sitting down gloomy.

Well then the minute they make that decision, they have made the wrong decision." He states. "Because I can tell just by looking at your that you will be an awesome friend to have!" He adds. I think I'm going to faint. Don't faint. Don't faint. I say in my head.

"Where are the boys?" I ask without thinking. Oh my god I am such a dick! I put my hand to my mouth as it sinks in about what I said. I can't believe I said that. Especially because I said it randomly out of the blue.

"Oh are you a fan?" He asks politely. Wait, what? I thought he would be mad!

"Aah y-yeh" I admit. Only he doesn't go all funny and walk off like I expected him to. He just laughs his fucking head off and smiles the biggest smile that he could possibly smile. I feel my heart flutter and my insides melt right there on the spot.

"O-oh I'm sorry it's just that" he pauses to take a breathe "everyone here so far have insulted me because of the band"

I stand there like a clown with my mouth hanging open. What?!? How could they be so rude to one of the most amazing people ALIVE?!?

"WHAT!?! How could they do that!!" I say out of disgust "I'm sorry about them all. But I am fangirling right now SOOO much!!"

"Well at least someone likes me" he says with a smile. My heart turns to mush right then and there.

"Sorry but I didn't catch your name?" He half states half asks.

"Oh yeh sorry, uum u-uh I'm Jamie" I say whilest stuttering because ASHTON FUCKING IRWIN IS ASKING FOR MY NAME HOLY FUCKING SHIT

"Well nice to meet you Jamie, that's a nice name by the way" he smiles

"Uum thanks Ashton" I say, also realising that I have just made another mistake. Jeez I'm suck a fucking nob sometimes I swear. I just called him Ashton and he hasn't even introduced himself yet. Oh wait. He already knows that I'm a fan so I guess it doesn't matter.

"Aaha well It seems that I don't have to introduce myself for once" he laughs. Oh I love that laugh. I could fall in love and marry that laugh. A sharp pain in my ribs snaps me out of my trance.

"What the hell" I think out loud. I turn and see that Rhiannon is sitting down next to me. Oh right. Forgot about her. Whoops.

"So I heard you to being absolute bitches to each other before. Are you friends or just don't have anywhere else to hang so hang around each other?" Ashton laughs. All of use crack up. It's not even that funny. If it wasn't Ashton that had said that I probably would've been offended. But it's Ashton Irwin and I love him to bits.

"No we're best friends actually. One of us had to be the bitch so I guess she took that roll" I say. Ashton laughs but Rhiannon sends me a death glare and flips me off. Cow. I think in my head.

"So are you going to introduce me to the 'amazing Ashton Irwin?'" She mocks me. I feel my cheeks heat and I can only imagine that my cheeks are the colour of the tomato sauce on Rhiannon's plate. Oh no you didn't.

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