The Collision

When Ashton Irwin starts at a new school, people aren't exactly the nicest to him because of his band. Jamie is just a teenager struggling with school life and troubles at home. When Ashton and Jamie collide, what will happen? Love? Or just friends with feelings for each other
that both won't admit.


3. chapter 2

While I was walking a few people stared at me and it was only then that I realised I still had a piece of toast in my mouth. Whoops.

I finally got to school and started to look for my friend Rihannon. I loved her so much she means everything to me and I don't know how I would get through high school without her to be honest. She always tried to cheer me up after I had been attacked by the bullies and it always worked. She is always there for me and I am always there for her. We are inseparable.

"Hey Hun" I say as I walk up to her.

"Hey babe" she replies

"have you seen the new kid yet??" She adds

"No I only just got here num nuts" I say. He he I love those words.

"Well his name is Ashton Irwin and he is from this band or something called-"

"5 seconds of summer" I cut her off.


"Yeh! How'd you know?" She adds

"It's as if you don't know me. Like I haven't gone on and on about them since you met me you dick!" I half whisper half yell.

"Omg that's who you were talking about! Sorry I'm not really thinking today I didn't get to sleep until late last night." She says as an excuse

"Well I wonder what you were doing? Did Taylor happen to be with you??" I laugh

"Shut up" she slowly says through gritted teeth

"Naaw im sorry Hun, nah jokes!!" I pretend apologise

"BOO YOU WHORE!" She jokes

We both start laughing so hard that we have to lean against the lockers for support otherwise we would be on the floor rolling around like freeks.

Our lockers are conveniently located right next to each other so we grab our books and head to class. I have literature and Rhiannon has physics. "Lucky her" I think to myself sarcastically.

We absolutely HATE physics!! And just to make it worse, we don't even have the classes together!!!

Oh Life's a bitch.

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