The Collision

When Ashton Irwin starts at a new school, people aren't exactly the nicest to him because of his band. Jamie is just a teenager struggling with school life and troubles at home. When Ashton and Jamie collide, what will happen? Love? Or just friends with feelings for each other
that both won't admit.


2. chapter 1

"GET UP YOU FAT COW!!!!" I hear my alarm going off. Aka. My abusive dad.

"IM UUUUUPP!!!" I reply, hoping he doesn't take that as 'back chatting'. since my step mum died my life has been hell.

My name is Jamie and I loved my step mum, she was the kindest and most loving person I knew. Until there was an accident. She was driving home from work one day when a truck hit her on the drivers side angle. Her bones were crushed and you couldn't recognise her because of all the blood. You are probably wondering: why is she talking about her step mum?? Well here's your answer - my real mum is in prison, she is a brutal murderer and I can't stand the sight of her. She went bonkers after dad wanted a divorce, she even tried to kill him when he was coming home from work one night she hid behind the door with a baseball bat so when he walked in she knocked him out. She tried to get him to bleed to death but unfortunately/fortunately I found him. It was a gruesome sight. Dad remarried and then when Claire died it all went wrong.

Dad started to abuse me and I would come home from school already with a black eye and busted lip from the bullies at school but then I would have to put up With it when I got home. It's just me and my dad now, I don't have any siblings anymore....

I take a shower and get ready. I decide on skinny jeans, a dark green challenge shirt and fluro pink converse high tops for my outfit for the day. I walk down stairs expecting to find my dad with his morning brew, normally a bottle of scotch the old bum, but instead he isn't to be seen. "Thank god" I think to myself as a wave of relief washes over me. I pop a slice of bread in the toaster and wait for it to toast. When it is ready I butter it and then put raspberry jam on. My favourite by the way. I grab my bag and keys, toast in my mouth and walk out the door. I start to walk down the street getting away from my house when I hear "YOU LOOK LIKE A FUCKING SLUT TODAY!" oh no "OH WAIT MY MISTAKE, YOU ALWAYS FUCKING DO YOU SKANK!!!" Tears fill my eyes as I turn around and see my dad yelling at me through the bedroom window upstairs. "I can't deal with this any longer" I think.

And that was when I decided I was leaving...

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