A Basket Of Words

This is some random short stories and poet or maybe lyrics from me, I write this if I didn't feel like writing my other story. Please give it a critic! Or maybe critics. The main point is please give it a chance, y'all! And, hope you like it. :D


1. Story 1 ~ Witches

Story 1 ~ Witches

Category ~ Supernatural

The lightning fill the room. The marble statue shining, showing the beautiful art a statue is. The room is an office, with black wooden desk and typical black chair. At the desk, is a piece of paper.

Lucy enter her father's office. Her tiny 17 years old body searching for a candle. The lightning struck again and Lucy shrieked. She searching more quickly at her father's desk. But, that one certain paper caught her attention. She forget about the candle and approach the paper.

The paper folded into an envelope, and she get nervous. She's curious, but she's scared it would be a sin to open her father's envelope. She think it would be the best to searching the candle. But, curiosity eaten her.

Curiosity killed the cat.

Lucy shrieked when she heard that voice out of no where. She put out her fear aside, while thinking that she's just being a baby. Lucy saw a candle, near the marble statue. Her gaze flickered at the envelope again.

Then, lightning struck again. Lucy jumped again, then grab the envelope, while running to the statue and snatch the candle. Little did she know, the statue's eye flashed.

Lucy get down from her father's office and go to her room. It's only her at the big house. Lucy lighten her new found candle that light up her dark room. Then, she staring at the envelope at her hand. She almost deciding to abandoned the envelope.

But her curiosity took over and she unfold the paper. Her hands are shaking as she open it, because she never do this.

"The only thing you can do is brushing the eyes. You're the next." Lucy read the text scribbled in red tint slowly and loudly.

She closed the paper, feeling weird. She remember something, her mother's lullaby. A lullaby her mother always hated.

The pen, ghosted

Over the paper

Tint it with red sin

As I realize it's shining

Lucy never know why her mother hate the lullaby so much. She's confused. Brush the eye? You're the next? Maybe some jokes father's friend sending. But Lucy never met this hand write type. Then, the candle blows up and she's in complete darkness.

Lucy struggled to see as she sees faint light outside of her room. "Hello?"

No answer. Lucy stepped outside of the warmth and secure of her room, and follow the faint light. When she's outside, the light is gone. Then, the light appearing from her father's office. She's shivering from cold and her own thoughts. But she follow the light, anyway.

Then, a lightning struck. Lucy jumped a bit, then she saw the statue's eye flashed.

The only thing you can do is brush the eyes.

Lucy remember the mail. Then, reluctantly, she hold her hand out to the statue's eyes, then realizing that maybe this is a joke. She can go away to her room. But her feet can't move. So, the only thing Lucy can do is brush the eyes. And she do it.

Suddenly, the office shook. Lucy shrieked as she falls toward to cold tile. The statue shook, then some sort of dust falling from the statue. Revealing pale skin, and detailed clothes. The statue comes to life.

The hand, that holding a marble little bag, now changed into a real hand that holding out leather little bag.The eyes, is purple. The dress she wearing is dark purple. Her hair is complete black. Her nose is log defined. Then, after all of her body shook down the dust, she moves her head slowly toward Lucy.

"You freed me." The sing-song voice appeared from the now living statue.

"Uh, y-yeah?"

The statue start to walking from the marble platform toward Lucy. "You're one of us now. You're the next."

"W-what are you?" Lucy groggily asked.


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