My neighbor

22 year old Ava is single. Though lots of guys are trying to get in with her, she has her eyes on a particular listeriosis man to find out he's not innocent, but very masculine, sexy, bad, and single!! But she didn't expect to fall in love with him and neither did he.


8. 7

Drew's POV:

I got home and picked her up. She had bruises all over her face but she still looked cuter than all of the girls I've seen. I laid her on my bed and went to my closet. I grabbed a pair of sweats and a t-shirt.

I ran over to her and then realized that I'm going to have to change her. I didn't mind really but she just got raped a I don't think she feels great revealing her body again. I closed my eyes tightly and got her bikini top off. I felt her hands move up to my face. I slowly opened my eyes.

She was smiling at me. "You actually closed your eyes while changing me." She couldn't stop smiling. I couldn't stop blushing.

"Your beautiful. But it don't want to look at your body like that when I don't even know if you comfortable with it. After what just happened...uh...nevermind." She grabbed my hand and put it on her chest, right above her exposed breast. I felt my face burning red and looked down.

"Look at me please." I looked up at her golden brown hair and grey eyes. Her face wasn't bony, but wasn't fat. It was thin but cheeks were a little chubby, which made her adorable. "I love you, Drew." Her words shocked me.

"I love you too, Ava." I pulled her up into my arms and kissed her with so much passion. I moved down her neck all the way to her belly button. "Your beautiful, Ava."

She giggled and then sat up. I pulled her to me again and kissed her lips. After a while she got up and change into my clothes so that she could run next door and get herself some clothes. Before she left she came up to me.

"Can we go to the gym today?" She asked and I looked at her confused.

"But your already really thin. Why do you need to go to the gym?" I was still a little confused when she just giggled.

"Exactly. I'm too thin. I want you to help me get muscle just in case anything does gapped again." She smiled a little after.

"Alright. I guess. We can go after you get dressed." She smiled and ran out the door.

About 5 minutes later she came back inside wearing nike shorts and a tank top. Her hair was in a messy ponytail and she have nike sneakers. I had sweats, a t-shirt, and a pair if nike sneakers.

"Let's go." I grabbed her waist and walked with her to the car. I opened the door for her and she smiled before climbing in. Once I started the truck, we set off. I was a little giddy that u got to teach my girlfriend how to throw a punch.

Once we got inside, I led her to a training room. It had a punching bag, a few weights, and a yoga ball. This is going to be fun.

"Ok, coach. What do I do?" I grabbed weights and handed them to her.

"Lift these 10 times then go to the next one until your done. When you are, do it again. Tell me wen your done." She seemed excited. Wait what? "I'll be on the treadmill out there." She nodded and started lifting the weights. I smirked and walked on the treadmill and started running.

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