My neighbor

22 year old Ava is single. Though lots of guys are trying to get in with her, she has her eyes on a particular listeriosis man to find out he's not innocent, but very masculine, sexy, bad, and single!! But she didn't expect to fall in love with him and neither did he.


6. 5

Ava's POV: 5 months later

I woke up sprawled all over Drew's body. I blushed awkwardly and kissed his cheek lightly. He looked peaceful and I was scared to wake him so I stayed how I was and hurried my head back in his neck. To my surprise, he didn't wake up yet. Well I don't think so, he didn't move or say anything. But he could have been faking. I didn't mind if he was really. Wait what? I said I don't mind! Yes I do! No I don't! I dot know....

He stirred and grunted. I felt his arms slowly start to raise but then his hand rested in my back, rubbing up and down. I kept my act of sleeping on because I liked how gentle he was being. I steadied my breathing and had my mouth open a little to top it. But I was busted when he grabbed my butt.

He was laughing while I stared at him in shock. "Drew!" I tried to be serious but I just couldn't hold it and I started to laugh with him.

"Do you want to go to the beach?" He was holding my hand, drawing little circles on them with his thumb.

I glared at him. "Why? So you can see me in a bikini?" I teased him and he nodded. I laughed and slapped him in the arm. "Fine I'm going to go get dressed. I'll meet you at your car." I kissed his cheek and ran out the door.

I brushed my hair and braided it down the side of my head. I grabbed a teal bikini and put it on. I finally looked good I them since I grew boons and...yep that's a butt. And if you look closely, you can see my hips. I grabbed a baggy foodie and pulled it over my bikini and then grabbed my flip flops and ran out the door.

Drew was leaning against the car door. "You look great. Can't wait till your jacket is off." He chuckled and I glared at him.

"You look good too. But keep your eyes up, mkay?" I looked back seeing his eyes moved from my ass, to my face. He was blushing and I chuckled.

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