My neighbor

22 year old Ava is single. Though lots of guys are trying to get in with her, she has her eyes on a particular listeriosis man to find out he's not innocent, but very masculine, sexy, bad, and single!! But she didn't expect to fall in love with him and neither did he.


5. 4

Ava's POV:

I was wearing a short tight dress that was black and strapless. I shaved and put some lotion on every part of me that was ashy.

We got to the club and I immediately ran to the bar. After a lot of drinks, I was laughing at everything some guy would say to me even if I was insulting. My head was pounding hard and I decided to walk home, since I would be dumb to drive. I texted Alice and told her I walked home.

I was walking down the road when I felt a tug on my arm. "Say girl. Why don't you let me see what's under that dress." He said ad I just laughed.

"Your funny but no. I am going to home so goodbye." I said laughing an tried to wobble off but he pulled me back. "Hey! No means no freak!" I said struggling out of his grasp.

He threw me on the wall and pushed his hands over mine so that I couldn't escape. He smashed his mouth to mine and I turned my head so he couldn't. But he just went to my neck, rubbing his hand under my dress. I screamed when his finger entered mine. He was laughing, his breath all over my chest.

Everything went fuzzy and I started falling. What the hell is happening?! I saw a blur and then the guy was off of me. I fell straight to the ground and then everything was black.


I awoke in Drew's bed. I sat up slowly, feeling the hangover hit me in the head made my I groan. I heard a chuckle and looked up to see Drew leaning against the door.

I ran over to him pulling him in a tight embrace, wrapping my legs around him. "I'm never going to a club again." I said jokingly. But it was true.

"Why are you surprised he did that? I mean, you revealed everything and your sexy. Plus, you was very drunk." He stated.

I pulled away blushing. He stated looking awkward and blushing like crazy. "Are you alright?" I asked and put a hand on hiss chest. He looked nervous. "Your hearts beating fast." I said. He was looking at my chest and looked down to see what he was staring at. Oh my god. My breast were popped of my dress completely. I immediately went red as I threw my arms up to cover them.

He chuckled and pulled me back to him, kissing me passionately. I tried my best not to move my arms around his neck. He moved down my neck and stopped at where my hands were. He was breathing heavy before he carefully moved my hands away. Why am I allowing this? I put my hands through his hair playing with it while he kissed in between my breast.

He knew by how tense I was, that I wasn't ready so he stopped and just went back to my neck. When he was done and I was able to breath, I looked at my neck in the mirror to find a hickey. I chuckled and sat down on the couch. He brought me a beer, which I gladly excepted.

I finished the beer in about 30 minutes and laid down next to him and fell asleep.

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