My neighbor

22 year old Ava is single. Though lots of guys are trying to get in with her, she has her eyes on a particular listeriosis man to find out he's not innocent, but very masculine, sexy, bad, and single!! But she didn't expect to fall in love with him and neither did he.


4. 3

Drew's POV:

I was thinking about the kiss earlier. I knew that when she pulled away so fast that she wasn't even a little interested. I was so down. I don't know what happened. I just couldn't help it when she started talking so much. On most girls it's annoying, but I found it quite adorable on her.

I heard a pound bang on my door erasing my thoughts from my head and walked slowly to the door. The knocks continued, making me annoyed. I opened it. "Do you mind?! I'm tr-" I saw Noel standing there crying. "A-Ava? Why are you crying?" I asked and pulled her into me.

She was crying in my chest before she pulled away and sat in my couch. I sat on the other side and she snuggled up next to me. I couldn't help guy smile a bit when I felt her nose brush against my neck. "Can you tell me what happened now?" I asked after we watched a show of Tom and Jerry.

She sighed. I sat up and sat her on my lap. She was looking at her hands trying to sum up what happened. "When-when you kissed me. And I ran out. I drive to my boyfriends house. I thought he would help me like he always did. But instead his little sister Amy opened the door. She said she thought I was already home. I walked in on him fucking a slut from the fucking cheerleading squad! I mean." She laughed a little which made me feel a little frightened. She was no longer sad, she was obviously very pissed. "Why the fuck would he have sex with someone when his 6 year old sister is there?! She was probably petrified by all the noises!" Her body was shaking with anger. I took my chances and pulled her close to me, hugging her. I was relieved when she wrapped her arms around me and rubbed her nose on my neck. It's was so cut when she did that.

"I'm sorry, Drew" she said lifting up her head to look me in the eyes.

"Why are you sorry? You didn't do anything." I said rubbing her back.

"I sorry because I didn't kiss you back." She blushed, which made her more adorable. Wait what?! Did she say what I think she said?! My heart started racing than she pressed her lips to mine. I put my hand on her back, pulling her closer. To me. Our chests were now pressed together.

After a while she pulled away breathing heavy. She was blushing and smiling. Her hand was rubbing up and down my arm while I was using my other arm to rub on her thighs. She was blushing like crazy so I continued.

"Your driving me crazy, Ava." I said and pulled her in and gave her a kiss.

She blushes some more and to tease me. She sticks her hands up my shirt, rubbing up and down with her index finger. "Your very muscular." She laughed which made her bounce a little on me. That made my pants feel very uncomfortable. Ugh...why do I feel this way around her? Why does she have to be beautiful and funny and adorable and sexy and well you get it.

She got a text on her phone and grunted. "I got to go. My friend is throwing a party at her place. Do you want to come? I can ask her if in aloud to invite people."

I really wanted to go but I didn't know any of then an it would be awkward. " I'm good. I am just going to stay here." I kiss her forehead and smiles. She starts getting up but kisses my lips long and passionately. When she pulls away, grinning. She walks out the door.

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