My neighbor

22 year old Ava is single. Though lots of guys are trying to get in with her, she has her eyes on a particular listeriosis man to find out he's not innocent, but very masculine, sexy, bad, and single!! But she didn't expect to fall in love with him and neither did he.


2. 2

It was about 7:30 when I got home. I was tired but I couldn't sleep since I had company over soon.

I spends the 30 minutes of my time listening to falling in reverse and pierce the veil. I had it boomed up so loud, I was pretty sure I might scare away yet another one of my neighbors. But secretly I don't want that to happen because boy, he was fine.

Around 7:50 a nick was at my door and when I opened it. I smiled when Drew was there.

"Hey. Come on in." I said and stepped aside.

"Thanks." He walked in admiring the art I painted on my walls.

"You want anything?" I ask heading into the kitchen to get myself a water.

"Water is fine. Thank you." He says and I chuckle at his nervousness like he wanted something else but was afraid I'd say no or not have it and he didn't want to face the embarrassment. I grabbed the water and hands it to him an sat on the couch next to him.

"So...what did you want to know about this place?" I ask, taking a dpi of my water and setting it on the coffee table. I turned my body facing him, my legs criss-cross.

He shrugged and faced me the same way. "Tell me about yourself. Why do you like to do?" I was a little shocked by that question but I smiled. No one ever asks me about myself. I never thought anyone really cared.

"When I was 17, I ran away from my foster parents. I took a train here and met some people who are friends with the lady who owned this place. She died saying only they could sell the house. So they just let me have it for free. It was already paid off. I have to get 2 jobs because I still have to afford like art supplies, food, water, etc...." I drifted off when I looked at him. He was amused by how much I was babbling. I blushed and looked down at my feet. He chuckled so I guess he noticed.

I punched him hard in the arm. He pretended to look hurt as he tackled me to the ground. We were laughing as I rolled on top of him pinning him down. But he was stronger and rolled back on top of me. I was giggling and blushed as I realized how we were positioned. My knees were bent and opened while he lay in the middle of them. He was staring at my lips an I started to feel uncomfortable.

"Dr-" was all that escaped my mouth before he smashed his lips to mine. I quickly pulled away scrambling off of him then back on the couch. My hands were on my lips in shock. "I-I have a boyfriend." I said. But before he could say anything, I ran out of the door and into my beetle.

I held back some tears. I hope he doesn't think of me as a cheater. I pulled into his driveway and ran up to the door, and knocked. Amy, Daniels sister opened the door. She looked at my confused. "Amy, what's wrong?" I asked.

She still looked confused. "Um...I thought you were already here." She said looking in the house at Daniels door.

"C-can I please come in?" I asked and she moved aside. I barged through and opens Daniels door. I gasped. Shelby, a cheerleader at my school was under him while he was thrusting into her. "What the hell?! I can't believe you did this to me! It's over! Now at least you don't have to sneak around with that slut anymore!" I screamed and ran out. I gave Amy a hug and kissed her forehead before I drove home.

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