I Won't Give Up (A Larry Stylinson AU)

"I won't give up on us, even if the skies get rough, I'm giving you all my love." Everything changed once Louis turned 13 and if it wasn't for that one person that didn't ever give up on him, he wouldn't even be alive today. (or the one where Louis is a hybrid and Harry never gave up on him. )

*Warning: due to language, abuse and sexual content* This is not mine I find this on the internet!! Thank you I hope you enjoy!!


22. Chapter 21





Author POV

The time has come, not only is it their one year anniversary, it is their graduation day as well. Harry has been planning the proposal for awhile now and he’s certain Louis will not know what is coming. He has been dropping subtle hints, but in a way that Louis will not ever figure anything out, he hopes. Let’s just see how this day plans out.


Harry POV

I flutter my eyes open to see Lou’s head on my bare chest, his ears flat on top of his head.

I can’t believe today I will finally ask him to marry me, this is all too surreal. I can’t believe we’ve gotten this far. I remember the day in the hospital where he asked me an interesting question…

Months ago…

I was in the hospital room with Louis, who was fast asleep. Liam was still resting on his chest, that kid got so attached so quickly, it’s amazing.

“Harry?” My head snaps up to see Robert and Jay.


“I was released, everything checked out alright. We were wondering if you wanted us to take Liam off your hands for the night,” Jay replied pointing to the sleeping Liam sucking on his thumb, cuddling further into Lou’s chest.

“If you want, he’s not much of a bother.”

“Alright, Rob could you get him?” I stand up and un-wrap Lou’s arms and carefully lift up Liam and hand him to Robert. Liam instantly cuddles into his neck and continues to suck on his thumb. They say their goodbyes and Louis wakes up.

“Where’d little LiLi go?”

“Your parents took him,” He moves over and pats the spot next to him; I kick off my shoes and get on the bed. I move up where he could put his head on my chest.


“What is it?”

“In a few years from now, where do you see us?” My heart beats faster and I try to collect my thoughts. I don’t want to say something that will upset him.

“Well, the thing is…I see us exactly the way we are now, minus the whole uncle is a maniac thing. But, I see us married or engaged, settling down as a family. I see us both going to college and just enjoying our lives together. I see us eventually having a few children and some pets. But, all in all, I see us still going strong.”

I look down and see he moved his head, his eyes are reddened like he is about to cry, “You really mean that?” he chokes out as a few tears trickle down his face. I bring my hands and wipe the tears that were flowing down his face.

“Kitten, I don’t see a future if you’re not in it,” Tears were falling down my face, he moves up slowly and wipes my tears. He looks into my eyes, cocking his eyebrow, probably seeing if I was telling the truth. After awhile his face softens and he softly and passionately kisses me full on the lips.

He breaks away, rests his forehead and smiles widely, “I think the same thing too. I wouldn’t know what to think if you weren’t involved in my future,”A tear escapes my eye and he quickly wipes it away, “I love you Hazzabear.”

“I love you too Kitten,” I kiss his forehead and he puts his head on my chest. We spent the rest of the day just laying and talking about everything. It was the most amazing feeling.

I bring my hands up to his ears and scratch behind his ears. A purr erupts from the back of his throat and he moves his head to stare at me. I continue to scratch and he cuddles into my hand.

“Kitten, it is graduation day!” I yell and his ears perk up. At least he doesn’t have to worry about wearing a beanie today. He doesn’t even have to throw up his cap, because he’s going to pin it to his head so he doesn’t have to worry about his head fall off. But, there’s something else I have in store for him.


Louis POV

Harry has been acting weird this past month, and I’m starting to get scared that he’s hiding something big from me. I hope it’s not something bad, I just can’t deal with it if it’s something bad.

He keeps having hushed phone calls and every time his mum looks at me, it’s like she’s going to cry. Like what the hell is going on?

We were now ready to go to graduation, my tail wrapped around my waist and my cap securely on my head. I really hope nothing happens. I was driving with my parents and Harry’s family. He had to go earlier because he was valedictorian and they needed him to practice his speech. Which I don’t know why, but I didn’t question it.

I was looking out the window and my mind went to all that happened. I got multiple memories in my head and they were flowing through right after each other.

“Hey, Kitten; what’s wrong?” Harry asked as he kneeled in front of me while I was in my wheelchair.

“I can’t fucking do anything, I’m never going to get better,” I said through my tears, he leans forward and engulfs me in a hug rubbing circles in my back.

“Don’t say that. Kitten, it’s going to take some time. You can’t just learn it in a week, you need to be patient. If you rush your leg won’t work as well as before. You need to take it slow.”

“But, I’ve been doing this for 2 months now and I still can’t stand on it for too long.”

“Kitten, listen to me. You are going to be fine, don’t you worry.”

“Lights will guide you home, and I will try to fix you…” He whispered sang into my ear.


“See, Kitten you did it!” I was jumping up and down, I finished rehab and I was so happy.

“Hazzabear!” I ran over and jumped into his arms, almost making him fall over. I wrapped my legs around his waist and smashed my face into his neck to inhale his scent. He tightens his grip under my bottom. I move my head and I look straight into his eyes.

“See, and to think you were going to give up.”

“I won’t give up on anything anymore. As long as you have faith in me, I’ll have the faith I need,” I lean my head down and kiss his lips sweetly.

“Kitten I love you and all, but I need to let you down,” He carefully sets me down, intertwines our fingers and I lean into his side. We set off home.


I get home from the store and set my eyes on the couch. I see Harry and Liam passed out on the couch. They are just so adorable; I can’t wait until we have children. I take out my phone and snap a quick picture. The capture awakens Harry.

“Hey Kitten, sorry we were a little tired.”

“It’s fine love,” I walked over and pecked his lips. I carefully grabbed Liam and I walk him to his room. I settle him in before retreating back into the living room.

Harry opens his arms and I settle myself on his lap. He leans back on the couch and I put my head under his chin.

“Did you really mean what you said at the hospital?”

“Of course, why would I lie?”

I stood quiet, I move my head and I look right to Harry. We don’t say anything; we just stare into each other’s eyes. Harry moves his head and crashes his lips to mine.


“Louis, can your father and I come over in a bit?” My mum said over the phone, I haven’t seen here in a few months, even though we live like 10 minutes away. But we were so caught up in work and stuff; she just never wanted to bother us.

“Sure, everything alright?”

“Yeah, everything is fine; we’ll be there in an hour,” She hangs up after we talk some more. I got Harry up from his nap, he’s been so tired. He hasn’t been sleeping at night, so I let him sleep for as long as he needs to.

The doorbell rang and I opened it, but my eyes went down to my mother’s protruding stomach. I look up and he face is ecstatic, “Wait, you’re not…are you?”I asked as I let them in and closed the door

“Yes, and it is twins!” My smile goes brighter and I engulf her into a hug.

“I’m so happy for you! But, why didn’t you tell us sooner?”I sat on the couch looking to my parents.

“Tell us what?” A sleepy Harry strolls in, pecks my lips and settles on my lap. He must be still asleep.

“Harry, my mum is having twins!” He moves his head and squints his eyes, he smiles brightly.

“Congratulations!” He moves his head back into my neck and falls asleep instantly. I run my hand through his hair, his head bobs back, so I carefully move where his head is on my lap.

“Louis, has he been sleeping?” Robert asks looking down at the peaceful Harry.

I shake my head, “No, he’s always yelling in his sleep. It’s quite frightening. I want him to speak to me, but I think he’s too scared.”

I play with his curls, “What does he yell?”He continues on with this conversation

“It’s always different, but it all pertains to the events he went through.”

“Just, try and have him open up. He can’t always bottle everything up, it will get worse.”

“Alright, so anyways; when are you due?”

“It should be a month or two after you two graduate.”

Finally, I’ll have some younger siblings.


“NO, DON’T! LEAVE HIM ALONE! DON’T!” Harry was thrashing in his sleep and he already kicked me a few times.

“Harry!” I shake him and he instantly jolts up from the sleep and crumbles into my arms. I rub his back as he cries hysterically.

“Lou, sing to me.”

“Lay back and close your eyes.”

Some things we don't talk about

Rather do without and just hold the smile

Falling in and out of love

Ashamed and proud of, together all the while

You can never say never

While we don't know when

But time and time again

Younger now than we were before

Don't let me go

Don't let me go

Don't let me go

Don't let me go

Don't let me go

Don't let me go

Picture, you're the queen of everything

Far as the eye can see under your command

I will be your guardian when all is crumbling

I'll steady your hand

You can never say never

While we don't know when

But time, time and time again

Younger now than we were before

Don't let me go

Don't let me go

Don't let me go

Don't let me go

Don't let me go

Don't let me go

We're pulling apart and coming

Together again and again

We're growing apart but we pull it together

Pull it together, together again

Don't let me go

Don't let me go

Don't let me go

Don't let me go

Don't let me go

Don't let me go

Don't let me go

Don't let me go

Don't let me go

Don't let me go

Don't let me go

Don't let me go

I set my head on his chest and soon fall asleep.



“We’re here.”

“Ohh, sorry.”

Harry POV

The only reason I got here so early was because I needed to make sure what I wanted to do was okay with the principal.

“Mr. Ford, I have to ask you an important question.”

“What do you need?”

“After my speech I want to propose to Louis. I have this CD of pictures and a song, could I play it? Would you let me do it?” her face lights up and she smiles widely.

“That sounds like the sweetest thing. Of course you can do it.”

“Thank you so, so much!” I wrapped my arms around her and she stiffens. She relaxes and reciprocates the hug.

“No problem and I wish you two the best of luck.”




“Hazza!” Louis comes running over to me and literally knocks me down. He crashes his lips to mine and he slips his tongue into my mouth and slowly moves around my mouth.

“Oi, love birds save it for later!” Niall yelled. We break away and set our eyes on Niall. He was walking and holding Zayn’s hand.

Ohh, I didn’t tell you? They’ve been together for awhile and they are the cutest. And I even found out why he was going to the hospital. His mother was very sick and only recently lost her battle. He was devastated, but he did get to say goodbye to her. It took him awhile, if it wasn’t

for Niall he would still be in that state; it was unpleasant by the way.

Louis POV

“Can you believe it’s finally graduation?” Zayn says as he winks at Harry, and my face falters. What the hell?

“Don’t worry about it, you’ll find out why later.” He kisses my forehead.

We were talking when they told us it was time for graduation.

We all sat in alphabetical order, and Harry was up at the front getting ready for his speech.

“Good morning everyone! Welcome to the graduation of the class of 2013!” Everyone cheers and the principal continues on with gibberish, I don’t know.

“Now welcome to the podium, our valedictorian, Harry Styles.”

“Hello, friends and family. I don’t even know where to start, but here goes nothing. When I first started high school I was terrified. The only things going through my head was, am I going to make friends, will the teachers like me or will I find someone to call mine. All of you could probably think the same thing. Teachers always asked us, what do you want to be when you grow up? And sadly I still have no clue as to what I really want to do. There is only one thing for sure, but let’s wait for later. Anyways, it turns out that high school wasn’t all that bad; I met amazing people who I like to call my friends, the ones I will keep forever. Congratulations, we did it!” Everyone cheered and clapped as he finished. But, then music started playing in the background.

I instantly knew it was the music to ‘Marry You’, what is going on?

I looked up to see everyone looking at me, I finally looked up to the screen and there was a slideshow of pictures of Harry and I. Harry brings the microphone to his lips, “Lou, come here.”

I slowly get out of my seat, what the fuck is he planning? I finally get to the stage and He reaches his arm to me.

“Louis, you are my sunshine, you are my pillow, you are my shoulder to cry on, you are my everything. I love you and I don’t ever want to let you go. This past year has been difficult, but you kept your head up and looked past that. I remember the day you went back into the hospital, instead of crying you asked me, “In a few years from now, where do you see us?” and I told you that I saw us still going strong. And I think I changed my mind with part of it.” He gives the mic to Principal Ford who has tears in her eyes; he goes in his pocket and retrieves a little black box. He gets on one knee and tears were trickling down my face, “So I do see a permanent future with you. So, Louis William Tomlinson, will you marry me?” he opens the box to reveal a somewhat thick silver band with blue crystals in the shape of an ‘H’.

I fall to my knees, “Yes,” I whisper quietly.

His head snaps up, “Yes?”

“Yes, I will marry you.” He takes the ring out of the box, and slips it on my finger. He crashes his lips to mine. We get lost in the kiss, until we break away, and he puts his forehead to mine.

“NOW, WE LIKE TO PRESENT THE GRADUATES OF THE CLASS OF 2013!” We look to the crowd. Confetti goes off, as people throw up their caps, but we don’t care. I look down to the ring, finally.

I look up to see Niall and Zayn, plus our families coming over to congratulate us.

Really this year has had its ups and downs, but finally everything is where and how it should be.

I look to Harry and his eyes are glassy, “Hazzabear, what’s wrong?”

“I was so scared you would have said no.” My heart breaks when he spoke those words, I take his head in my hands.

Looking directly in his eyes, “Hazzabear, why would you even think that?”

“I just thought that you would have thought it was too soon.”

“Sweetie, I don’t care. I love you too much to say no.” I kiss his lips.

“By the way, I can’t wait to be Louis Styles” I wink and walk over to my mom.

I really can’t though, are you?

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