I Won't Give Up (A Larry Stylinson AU)

"I won't give up on us, even if the skies get rough, I'm giving you all my love." Everything changed once Louis turned 13 and if it wasn't for that one person that didn't ever give up on him, he wouldn't even be alive today. (or the one where Louis is a hybrid and Harry never gave up on him. )

*Warning: due to language, abuse and sexual content* This is not mine I find this on the internet!! Thank you I hope you enjoy!!


21. Chapter 20

  Author POV

It’s been six months since the incident and it couldn’t be better. Everything is finally looking up.

Louis and Harry are closer than ever, they want to make sure they show each other that they won’t give up. When they got to the hospital, with Liam still holding tightly onto Louis, Louis leg was broken in three places and he would need physical therapy to fully get back on his feet. Ohh, and did I mention Liam lives with the boys, and he can now fully talk, but with a stutter? Well, I did now.

Jay and Robert are back together and are more in love than they ever could be. One reason is that Jay is pregnant with twins, a girl and a boy, and is due is 4 months.

Anne’s husband and daughter Gemma comes home to everything. They had gone overseas for a father daughter trip. They weren’t too happy that she didn’t tell them of what all that happened; but they were glad everyone was alright.

These two families moved back into their respective homes, well besides Louis and Harry. A month after the incident their parents decided that they should get their own place due to some certain circumstances (sexual circumstances). But, don’t worry they are using protection because their mothers asked them so nicely to be safe. They know they are not carrying anything, but just for precaution. But, there was something that they were not telling them, but what was it?

These past months have been eventful with its ups and downs; but all in all they are glad everything is going better.


Louis POV

I fluttered my eyes opened and I peered down at the love of my life, my soul mate, Harry fast asleep on my bare chest. I looked at the clock, I mentally sigh, it’s only 9am; why am I even up? We were up half the night because we were really horny and like everything we did we still had that drive to keep us going. We ended up having to switch positions, not positions like what you’re thinking; I ended up having to take away Harry’s virginity last night. It was the most amazing feeling.

Not so long ago…

Harry slumped on my chest clearly exhausted. He looks up, barely can keep his eyes open. I grab his hips and lift him off me. I don’t move him, and he falls asleep with his head on my chest and the rest of his body in between my legs. I kiss the top of his head before sleep overtook me as well.

We were so lucky Liam was at my parent’s house or it would have been quite awkward with everything that happened. We were still in that same position from when we fell asleep last night, and sticky if I might add. From thinking about what went on something started to rise up.

“Well, it looks like someone is getting excited.” Harry spoke through his morning voice. He moves up where he’s leveled with my head, and leans down and kisses me with passion. My tail decides to wrap around his waist and bringing him on top of me, making his hit mine, making it hard.

Well then this will be a fun morning…





After we had somewhat of a repeat of what happened last night, it was amazing what effect he has on me and we’ve been together forever, well only almost a year. But, everyday is like our first.

Harry was slumped on top of me trying to catch his breath, he looks up to me with his bright green eyes. Those green eyes that I fell in love with years ago, he smiles widely up at me and I reciprocate the smile.

“So, our one year anniversary is coming up soon. Wanna plan something?” He asks as he draws circles on my bare chest.

“As long as I’m with you, I wouldn’t care if we spend it here.”

“But, its special I want to do something. And I don’t want to do something wrong and you get mad at me,” He pouted his lips after saying that, so I lean my head awkwardly and capture his pout in with my lips.

“I love you no matter what you plan,” mumbling against his lips. He breaks away and gets this look, the look that he got an idea, “What is it?”

“You’ll have to wait; I just need to call my mom.” He slips off of me, and I watch his naked figure walk into the closet and then comes back out in a pair of sweats, with no shirt. “I’ll be right back, don’t miss me too much.”

When I walked out of the living room my mind slipped back to what Harry was planning.

Harry POV

I’m going to propose to Louis on our year anniversary. Yes, you heard right. Why not? I love him so much I can’t lose him. I want him forever.

“Harry, what about this one?” We were now at the jewelry shop down in London and I wanted to get the right ring. I know our anniversary isn’t for three months, but I want to get his special ordered. And I just know what to get engraved on it.

I walked over to where my mother was pointing to. I looked at the ring and it blew me away. It was a simple silver ring with blue crystals to match Lou’s eyes.

“It’s perfect.” The salesperson heard me say and she walked over to us.

“Hello, what can I help you with?”

“Yes, I want to get an engagement ring, and I was wondering if I can have that ring but have the crystals in the shape of an ‘H’ as well as an engraving of “I won’t give up,” on the inside.”

“We sure can, but just a question, what is your price range?”

“There isn’t one,” Her eyes widen at what I said.

“Well alright, your lady must be lucky.”

“My man sure is.” I smiled wide, “Ohh and can the band be a little thicker that the display one?”

“No problem.”

She took us to the computer and she came up with the design. She turns it to my mum and I, the reaction on my mother’s face was priceless. She was all teary eyed and it made me teary eyed.

“It’s perfect, thank you.”





I get home and I was instantly tackled by little Liam.

I kneel down in front of him, “Hey Li, what did you and Lou do today?”

“W-we pl-pla-played vid-video ga-games,” he replied slowly trying not to stutter, but sadly he still did. But, he got this far, he will get farther.

“That’s great, now would you happen to know where Lou is?”

He nods his head and points to the stairs that lead up to our room. I kiss his forehead and I walk to find my soon-to-be-fiancé.

“Louis?” I walked to the door and slowly opened it up. The sight that I walked into made my heart melt.

On the bed was my Louis fast asleep cuddled into the big teddy bear I had got him when he was done with his therapy. The teddy bear was almost as big as him. And the reason he loves it so much is because I sprayed my cologne on it, so now it smells like me. I told him whenever he feels down to cuddle with it and pretend that it’s me and not the teddy bear. Ever since then I have found him countless times doing this; it was an adorable sight.

I slip off my jacket and kick off my shoes. I place my phone and keys on the bedside table, I close the door tightly locking it before going back to the sleeping Louis. I slowly walk over to where he was laying and slowly take the bear out from his grasp, he moves, so I stop but all he does is roll over without the bear. I place it on the floor by the bed and I carefully slip into the covers. No longer Louis rolls over and wraps his arms around my waist and nuzzles his head in my neck.

“I love you Hazzabear,” He mumbled in his sleep.

“I love you too Kitten.”

We fall asleep just like that.

I can’t wait until he will be mine forever.

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