I Won't Give Up (A Larry Stylinson AU)

"I won't give up on us, even if the skies get rough, I'm giving you all my love." Everything changed once Louis turned 13 and if it wasn't for that one person that didn't ever give up on him, he wouldn't even be alive today. (or the one where Louis is a hybrid and Harry never gave up on him. )

*Warning: due to language, abuse and sexual content* This is not mine I find this on the internet!! Thank you I hope you enjoy!!


17. Chapter 16

Louis POV


As I was in a deep sleep, my ear twitched and woke me up. I didn’t quite catch what I heard, but the voice sounded vaguely familiar. It almost sounded like, but it can’t be he’s dead, right?


I nuzzle my head more into Harry’s neck, and fell back to sleep.


Robert POV


Why does my brother have to make everyone’s life a living hell? I never did anything remotely close to this. I should have killed him when I had the chance. I actually did, but Jesse was alive and he would have killed me. Which I never understood, he hated Luke as much as I did. And Luke always wondered why our parents moved to America, he threatened them with their lives.

They’re our parents for god’s sake, why would you even do that, they raised you. But sadly they were never around, and that’s why he always resented him.


“Yes, they bought it. He’s with them right now as we speak. Yes. So within a week you will have your slave. Alright, talk you later bye.” I heard Luke talk on the phone to an unknown person. Wait, slave, he’s planning on selling Louis?! Why, Ohh wait I know, that dick is fucking money hungry.


I hear loud footsteps coming down the stairs and I am met with a drunken Luke.


“Well if it isn’t little Robby; what’s wrong?” He said as he came and connected his foot with my stomach. I doubled over in pain, and he kept kicking me and kicking me.


He then grabs the collar of my shirt, and lifts me up until we are eye to eye, yeah I was much shorter than him which I never understood how no one noticed the difference, and spat in my face. “I can’t wait until it can see little Louis face when he realizes everything.” He said and dropped me to the floor.


He stumbled out of the room and before I blacked out I mumbled, “Please, Louis you’re not safe. Go somewhere where they can’t find you.”Then unconsciousness over powered me and I blacked out.




Louis POV


“Please, Louis you’re not safe. Go somewhere where they can’t find you.” My ears caught it clearly, and that voice. But, it can’t be he’s supposed to be dead. I jolt from my sleep, almost making Liam fall off the couch.


I heard a whimper and see Liam looking up at me with wide eyes.


“Sorry Libear, I thought I heard someone.” His face softens and nuzzles his head into my chest. I look over to Harry who is still fast asleep, I shake him awake.


“Wha—what’s wrong?” Harry said through waking up.


“I—think I heard him.” I said trying not to wake up Liam who was asleep again on my chest.


“Louis, he’s dead. How will that even be possible?”


“I know, but I heard him. He told me someone is after us, and that we need to go somewhere where they can’t find us.” I said as tears are now falling down my face. One of the tears dropped on Liam’s cheek and he slowly woke up.


He looks up and he sets his eyes on me crying and quickly wipes away my tears and kisses my cheek. My heart just melted at his kind gesture, and I look to Harry who has the same face.


“Hungry?” Liam and I both nod. Harry grabs Liam off of me and we head to the kitchen.


The whole time I was thinking about what if Harry was right, but why did I hear him? Was my mind playing tricks on me? But, I did hear him.


My thoughts were interrupted by the phone ringing. Harry goes and puts it on speaker.


“Hello, am I speaking to either a Louis Tomlinson or Harry Styles?”


“Both actually.”


“Alright, well this is Officer Anderson and there seems to be a problem.”


“What kind of problem?”


“Well, you see the man that was killed is not your father, but his brother Jesse.”


“Wait—what?” Harry said shaking.


“It seems that your father was a triplet, and Jesse was the one that was killed. And we dug deeper and we realized that he wasn’t even the one who even abused you. We actually think that your father was never actually the one who did everything.”

“What, how is that even possible?”

“We honestly don’t even know, but the one who had been abusing you is still out there. So please be safe. We are sending a few undercover officers to keep an eye out for you guys.”

“Thanks.” I said shaking.

“The officers should be there in a few minutes. So, please watch yourselves.” With that he hung up.

Harry falls to the floor sobbing, and Liam scrambles and sits on his lap and takes him into his arms. I slowly get up and carefully make my way to the crying Harry. I slump down and he instantly moves and crumbles into my arms.

Why is he the one so distraught? I should be the one upset, but why am I not crying? I just let Harry cry into my arms while Liam is rubbing circles into Harry’s back.

“Hazzabear, Harry, please just stop crying, please.” He stops and looks up. His eyes are glassy and tears trickle down his face. “Now, Hazzabear, we will get through this, together alright?” He nods his head and I chastely kiss his lips. Liam nuzzles his head in between us and we break away. He looks up to us and we both break out in a smile. I kiss his head.

But, what I’m still wondering is why didn’t Zayn notice this when he went looking through his records?

Robert POV

I groan and wake up; I try to move but the pain in my stomach so I slump against the wall. I really hope someone will find me.

“Louis help me.” I said before falling unconscious once more.

Louis POV

My ear twitched, “Louis help me.”

“Harry, I heard him. It’s him. He needs help.” I said looking over at Harry.

“But, what can we do, his fucking brother is after you.” He said which he was right.

“I know, but he’s my father we need to do something.”

“We’ll figure something out Kitten, we will save him.” He kissed my forehead. “Alright, let’s get up and eat.” He picks up Liam and puts him in the chair and comes to help me.

After we eat I call my mom.

“Mum.” I said tears are flowing down my face.

“Lou, honey what’s wrong?”

“Did you know dad was a triplet?”

“No, I only knew he was a twin. Why?”

“Well, because the man that was killed wasn’t my father, but his brother Jesse. They think his older brother has dad captive. I’m scared.” I said through my thick tears.

“Ohh my god, Louis please whatever you do don’t leave the house. And lock all doors.” She said trying to keep herself from breaking down, but I know this is not the case. She’s probably on the other end going crazy.

“Yeah I know, alright. Bye.” And I hang up the phone.

I look over to Harry who is occupying himself with Liam trying to get his mind off of things.

“Alright Libear, let’s see if we can get you to talk, alright?” Liam nods his head.

“Can you try to say something, anything?” Harry said to Liam.

Liam stops and opens his mouth, “He-he—hello” He said trying not to make his bark come out.

“That’s great!” We both said in unison and Liam smiled brightly.

Soon the doorbell rang, that’s odd.

I walk over to the door and open it.

The door was swung open and someone threw someone on the floor. The person whimpered and mumbled, “Louis.” But, when I went to see who was at the door, no one was there. That was quite odd.

But, what made it weirder was right after that happened, the police showed up. Really great timing.

I scramble over to the bloodied figure and turn him over.

“Dad?” I shake him and he opens his eyes.

“Lou, it’s you.” He said before tackling me with a bone crushing hug,

“Lou who was at the do—Mr. Tomlinson?” Harry said scrambling to where we were in the living room.

“Hey Harry.” He said, and he looks to Liam and his eyes grow wide. Liam whimpers. “Liam, it’s ok, I’m not your dad. I’m the one who would help you, remember?” Liam nods and goes over to him and hugs him carefully.

“Wait, so you’re saying Liam is your nephew?”

“Pretty much; he’s Jesse’s kid.” He said as he tried to get comfortable.


“Dad, why did he do this?” I said tears.


“Apparently I stole your mother from him.” He said through a chuckle.


“Well, that’s weird.” I said and we all nodded, “Doing all this just because of that, there has to be a bigger reason.” I said honestly.


“Well there isn’t, the thing with my brother is he holds a grudge, and will never let it go.”


“So, now what do we do?”


“He is probably out drinking, if you call the cops, he will run. He wants to sell you Lou.”


“What, why?”


“Because, hybrids these days are quite the catch; he’s selling you for profit. And he would have sold Liam if I didn’t help him escape. I knew you would find him, I told him where to find you.”


“Yea, we found him two days ago.”


“Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.” Harry said helping him stand on his feet and brought him to the bathroom.


Liam looks up at me and tears are trickling from my eyes, “Boo, do—don’t cr—cry.” He said and sat in my lap and wiped away the tears.




Author POV


“Hahaha serves him right. I needed to get rid of him, keep them distracted so I can strike them when they least expect it.” Luke said as he looked on, but as soon as the cops showed up he ran off.


Harry was in the bathroom helping Robert clean up his cuts and help him shower.


Liam was comforting a distraught Louis in the living room.


Across the way where Jay was helping Anne get home, a gun is held against her temple. And the figure takes them away, not one person noticed. Or did they?



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